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  1. Sixty-nine

    I ban you because...

    i ban the person above me for not completing every id software game
  2. Sixty-nine

    Dusk is Overrated.

    if this thread has like 666 replies then i'll consider this a twitter moment
  3. Sixty-nine

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    did not expect to see the press release beta shotgun in snes doom but tbh i kinda like it more than the final version of snes doom
  4. Sixty-nine

    DHMP - Doom High-res Model Project

    i wonder what the static models look in gzdoom
  5. These renders also appear in the manual. I like the colors of the palette swaps of those renders more than in the game.
  6. AI upscales are for noobs. Better have a Doom 64 HD by humans. If the cards are played right, Doom 64 HD won't look shit.
  7. should have a better photo
  8. apparently it was on the back of this egm poster which doomwiki confirms: the back of the poster in question: can't believe they called a spectre a nightmare demon and THEY FUCKING CALLED A HELL KNIGHT A BARON OF HELL
  9. Sixty-nine

    DHMP - Doom High-res Model Project

    ngl the green pillar texture is more accurate than the dhtp marble texture, dhtp should have an overhaul after dhmp is done and maybe after dhtp is overhauled a doom 64 hd project that i crave can happen
  10. Sixty-nine

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    the doomslayer isn't the doom3 3guy as when doomguy killed oremor nhoj he got stuck in hell as oremor nhoj isn't a spider mastermind and when doomguy found the doom 3guy he merged with the doom 3guy to become the doomslayer
  11. Sixty-nine

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    doom 3 is a prequel to doom 64 as in the canon secret ending the doom 3guy got separated from the doom 3verse and went to the doomverse and when the uac found him they thought doom 3guy was doomguy and sent him to kill the resurrected demons with a nihilistic point of view and as to why doom 3 is called doom 3 is because id software mispelled doom 63 to doom 3 and were too lazy to fix it
  12. Sixty-nine

    People mentioning cacoward candidates

    and i nominate hdoom