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  1. XSDK

    Entrybase.wad (UPDATED)

    Only textures it was cycling through was WFALL1-4 and FENCED3-4
  2. Recreation of Entryway, wad only contains 1 map and it replaces MAP01 - This was originally planned to be a 5 level wad containing several doom 2 level remakes, but I decided I would rather focus on other projects. - Music from doomkid - skybox is several skies from mechadon's box'o'skies edited together version 1, Doom2 format. - designed for and tested in Crispy Doom - does NOT work in Eternity or DSDADoom version 2, Boom format. - updated enemy placement - tested in PRBoom+ and Eternity - requires translucency to enabled - custom fence texture sadly removed, as the waterfall was incorrectly displaying the fence frames version 1 Entrybase.zip version 2 (boom) Entrybase2.zip
  3. XSDK

    Entrybase.wad (UPDATED)

    I went ahead and updated the map since I had spare time, I switched to the boom format so I can use transparent midtex. the map works in prboom+ and eternity, it's safe to assume it should work in dsdadoom as well, but I have not tested that out yet. let me know if there's anything I should fix, I'm not too confident in the enemy layout of the outdoors area of the map
  4. XSDK

    Entrybase.wad (UPDATED)

    oh I realize I forgot to include the text file, the music comes from doomkid unsure why it doesn't load properly in eternity or dsda
  5. XSDK

    Doomcute thread

    this is excellent, reminds me of Powerslave
  6. XSDK

    Entrybase.wad (UPDATED)

    I'll share some of the screenshots from the canned map02. I unfortunately couldn't get it to look better than map01 did, and it suffered some level design issues caused by developing this one room at a time
  7. XSDK

    Entrybase.wad (UPDATED)

    thank you, I made this level more as a way to get used to doombuilder. If I had made this 6 months or 1 year later, I would definitely had tried making a more unique map (edited) as for what this was an "entryway" to, this was originally going to tie directly into a remake of underhalls which would've had an even more drastic layout change, but I got tired of working on it after several restarts and being unable to land on a distinct visual style. (also I will admit I went a bit overboard on the pinkies :P, I'll definitely tone it down in my next map or try to better incorporate them)
  8. XSDK

    Entrybase.wad (UPDATED)

    thank you for recording gameplay, always nice to see another perspective in real-time
  9. XSDK

    Post your Doom textures!

    here's some of the stuff I made in the past 2 weeks, all of it is doom paletted I have plans to properly share these in a wad file at some point wooden arc texture: other miscellaneous textures: