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  1. 4 minutes ago, VisionThing said:


    This has happened to me before  with Boom and I think it was caused by having things in the wrong order in TEXTURE1, should be fairly easy to fix. Did it look like it was randomly cycling through textures? 

    Only textures it was cycling through was WFALL1-4 and FENCED3-4

  2. I went ahead and updated the map since I had spare time, I switched to the boom format so I can use transparent midtex.
    the map works in prboom+ and eternity, it's safe to assume it should work in dsdadoom as well, but I have not tested that out yet.

    let me know if there's anything I should fix, I'm not too confident in the enemy layout of the outdoors area of the map

  3. 1 hour ago, LadyMistDragon said:

    The textures don't display correctly in Eternity and won't even play in DSDA Doom for some reason. Nice transcription of "This Love" though.

    oh I realize I forgot to include the text file, the music comes from doomkid

    unsure why it doesn't load properly in eternity or dsda

  4. 11 minutes ago, CapersOnSalad said:

    It's amazing how much a new color palette can help a level out. I think you managed to make your map look more like a base than the original Entryway. However, I don't really see identity in this map aside from adding new visual flair. There doesn't seem to be a gimmick to this remake. Sometimes, like here, that's fine enough, but it also dilutes any uniqueness the mapper would like to imprint on the level.


    The level plays fine, but I think the pacing is off. It starts off great. I love how you hid the zombies in a lift in the blue key room as it added tension, and the blue key itself was a good move as it forces the player to explore. The shotgun felt rewarding to get use on the chaingunner, until the door opened to pinkies. This is just a preference of mine, but when I play a map with pistol start, I expect every new weapon I get (that are not secrets of course) to be useful in the section I'm about to enter. The chaingun can take down the pinkies, but it's not really satisfying to do so since they're bullet sponges. I think a good substitute would be a horde of shotgunners (since shells are where the pinkies reside, so I'm assuming you wanted to give the player shells for the next fight) to make mincemeat out of with the gun. Outside of that, the shootable switch gave me Doom 64 vibes, and that's always a good thing.


    I think a remake of a map should show us a level in a new way, and your attempt didn't do that here. A good example of a remake would be Go 2 It from Plutonia which turned the easy-as-pie Entryway into a sadomasochistic nightmare. Show us stuff that Entryway didn't. What's outside the chainsaw balcony? What is this place an entryway to? This might not have been your aim, and as a level by itself it's fun and easy on the eyes. As a remake though, it's hard to see your mark on things.



    thank you, I made this level more as a way to get used to doombuilder. If I had made this 6 months or 1 year later, I would definitely had tried making a more unique map

    (edited) as for what this was an "entryway" to, this was originally going to tie directly into a remake of underhalls which would've had an even more drastic layout change, but I got tired of working on it after several restarts and being unable to land on a distinct visual style.


    (also I will admit I went a bit overboard on the pinkies :P, I'll definitely tone it down in my next map or try to better incorporate them)