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  1. Captain_obvious

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    I found a room with Christian Antkows(id software employee) name on the computer screen readout as who it belonged too as well as "relocated" under his name.
  2. Captain_obvious

    How to use the Doom3 Editor

    After following these directions multiple times, I am still having a great deal of trouble getting the editor to run, and I think it may be related to my install path of E:\games\doom3\ The doom3.qe4 file located in pak0004.pak has a totally different path of like C:\doom\base\ and w:\doom\ when I open it up. The editor starts to load, and I can move my cursor around its window, however, it is unresponsive and the only thing displayed is File as well as an Inspectors window. Has anyone with a diff path or diff hard drive been able to get the game to work? Everyone here seems to not use custom paths for programs(Everything in program files folder would be a nightmare for me) *Scratches head*
  3. Captain_obvious

    So, what's your first map gonna be?

    My first map will be the most epic adventure that has ever has been created, it will feature the all new xr-12 assault rifle, made entirely from scratch by cutting and pasting random doom 1 and 2 graphics onto an 8 sided cylinder in lightwave. I will use doom 3 and compile it into a block, with 4 of the sides being bump maps. Here is a diagram of the map. |----------------------------------| |...............................................| |...............................................| |...............................................| |................0..............................| |PLAYER-->-|-.............................| |.............../.\.......===<--XR 12.....| |----------------------------------| In all seriousness, I plan on making e1m1 from the first doom to get a feel for the lighting, gameplay, and artwork needed. No need to think about an original map design. Certain things dont get quite as good of results without having direct access to the engines code.ie Tenebrae for quake 1 is completely impossible to do with quakeC. Maybe doom 3 materials will help the process, if anyone decides to attempt this enhancement.
  4. Captain_obvious

    Doom 3 Special on G4TechTV

    Doom 3 video is on fileplanet.com. The animation of characters was mind-blowing to say the least. Anyone else notice that? IE-the part where the lone hk is standing in front of a portal? I also thought the disintegrating was cool as well, but I hope zombies dont disintegrate. I want them to be able to get back up, that way you dont know if they are dead.
  5. Captain_obvious

    So what´s your rig ?

    Athlon 3000/400 fsb @ 2399mhz 1 gig Kingston ddr400 memory dual raid 0 36 gig raptor drives. Audigy 2zs 1996 Viewsonic Optiquest 17" (600 dollars at the time of purchase lol) Zalman 5.1 channel headphones MX 700 cordless mouse BFG Geforce 6800 GT @ 410mhz clock, 1100 memory. "Irritating keyboard that I never remember to replace" ditto. My Enter button gets stuck, so if I click on internet explorer, it launches 500 times.
  6. Captain_obvious

    Doom 3 requirements here! PC Gamer's opinions:

    The tomshardware benchies hardly had the ati cards "running like shit" Granted, the Nvidia cards were faster, but that was because of several reasons. 1. Nvidia is generally faster at opengl then ati. 2. Nvidia cards have Ultrashadow, a great marketing term, although doom 3 is the only game to really benefit from it. 3. Nvidia has likely had up-to-date versions of doom 3 to optimize drivers for, while the same thing may not be said about ati(for obvious reasons). linkage : ULTRASHADOW http://graphics.tomshardware.com/graphic/20030512/geforce_fx_5900-03.html linkage : Doom 3 benchmarks http://graphics.tomshardware.com/graphic/20030512/geforce_fx_5900-11.html
  7. Captain_obvious

    Doom 3 requirements here! PC Gamer's opinions:

    The radeon 9000 is worse then the 8500 the geforce fx 5900 non-pro is worse then the 5700 pro the geforce 5200 is worse then the geforce 4 ti 4200 etc...etc...etc...etc The geforce 4 mx series are slightly faster versions of the geforce 2. The geforce 4 ti 4200-4800 are enhanced versions of the geforce 3.
  8. Captain_obvious

    Doom 3 Done?

    planetdoom.com staff confirmed that the photo was a fake created by an admin.
  9. Captain_obvious

    Doom 3 Done?

    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00006C2HA/002-0172479-8518410?v=glance&s=videogames&me=ATVPDKIKX0DER&vi=pictures&img=14 Notice the "New Arrival" sticker. What does that mean? Anyone feel like breaking into Amazon.com`s warehouse?(and leaving $50 dollars for every copy we grab. And maybe an additional $100 for the broken windows) I checked into it, and no other game that is going to be released soon has that sticker on the page. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00006I02Z/002-0172479-8518410?v=glance&s=videogames&n=468642&me=ATVPDKIKX0DER&vi=pictures&img=14#more-pictures Half-life 2, no "new arrival" sticker. Any meaning?
  10. Captain_obvious

    JC's test liftoff successful...

    eh big deal.
  11. Captain_obvious

    JC's test liftoff successful...

    They are limited to 15 seconds of thrust time by the federal government. Please check your local laws before launching all space bound aircraft. Thank you, have a nice day. According to Carmack they can travel 1/5 of a mile with the test model. The really amazing thing is firing a rocket into the air and getting it to land exactly from where it launched off. This may initially seem like being as difficult as playing moon lander(really easy). But factor in real world physics and the fact that the rocket is homemade and you have yourself a winner. My only question is that with the h202 propellent, doesnt the excess water released dampen the thrust a great deal? It only burns at ~3000F according to carmack, too low to actually cause water to molecully seperate and further combust. I am really excited by all this, not just Carmack but AirSpaceOne which is launching on this monday. Hopefully they are plagued by non-fatal problems allowing Carmack to be the first person to have a private space ship enter space. The title of the headline afterward would be : John Carmack, game programmer, solely fends off unexpected alien invasion, underbudget. When reached for comment on when the complete destruction of the alien homeworld would take place, Carmack responded, "When it`s done"
  12. Captain_obvious

    What Do You Recommend?

    I do two processor intesive types of software on my computer, Microsoft Visual C++, and games. The Athlon 64 outperforms the pentium 4 on both of these tasks for a bit cheaper. Basing a purchase on the benchmarks that show that Intel comes ahead in most business apps is a bit silly, primarily because most people with a 500mhz+ processor dont need to worry about how fast Microsoft Office type programs run. Now decoding/encoding audio/video- Intel absolutely butchers AMD. Photoshop also runs better on intel machines imo. So, it really isnt as clear cut as "AMD is just for games" "Intel is just for work". The greatest thing about 64 bit is the fact that programmers no longer have to use tricks to get great performance from programs that use high precison floating point values/very large integer values. Although admitedly, I really like the new built in 128 bit decimal values that many new language standards are adopting. Too bad we cant get great performance using them until 10 years down the road.
  13. Captain_obvious

    Release date poll

    "I agree with what Sephiroth says, and he knows what he's talking about. He working at Best Buy" lmfao. I suppose someone working at mcdonalds is a beef industry insider too? shut up clown.
  14. Captain_obvious

    Release date poll

    "they need to work out production and distribution, just like everyone else. " It takes no more then 2 weeks to make enough copies for a game, and being it is activision making them, if they have nothing else to print, they could likely do it in 1. After id prints the Gold copy IT IS TOTALLY OUT OF THERE HANDS, Activision does all the work. No one at id worrys about distribution/marketing, except for granting previews, and press interviews. "has anybody seen the number of staffers at ID? It appears to be not very many folks working on this thing which, to me, means slooowww rate of production, fixes, etc." Actually, with less programmers it tends to be much easier to manage code. Nearly every single iD game has been produced with less/same amount of people. FYI valve has around 100 staffers for half life 2, and if anyone remebers how complete the game was in 2003 after 5 years of development... "Id is added to best buy's shit list. valve and 3drealms are up top as far as gaming goes." Best Buy doesnt have a Corporate shit list, they sell everything that will net profits, the same as every single retailer to have ever existed. They will have massive posters/displays for all the popular games that are going to be released, just like everyone else. Courting retailers is not at all necessary if you have publisher. Even though the retailers have the last word, they do a by the books allocation of shelf space. If they think that doom 3 will sell 2 million copys, and half life 2 will sell 4 million, they will allocate twice as much space for half life 2. If doom 3 was the only item best buy sold, then maybe they would think like that. "doom III single player and engine was for the most part finished last year, end of summer to mid fall." It was stated in a February interview that they still had 3 incomplete single player maps(out of 28). Considering they have only 2 mappers, and that they have been at a constant pace of development, and that all maps take exactly the same time, as well as that they started in late 2001 developing maps. And also taking into consideration that the artists have to do there work on maps as well(custom textures 1 month~ after map is completed is finished. 28 months of development as of(02/04). / 12 completed maps per mapper = 2 months per map + 1 month of custom texture content creation. And since mappers rarely work on the same map together, We can deduce that the final map is still being worked on at this point. And should be finished in August. Although, since the mappers now know the Doom 3 engine better, it should actually be finished much sooner, as it is likely that they, along with the texture artists, have had a great increase in productivity. But at the same time, they may have been able to produce maps in early 2001 This doesnt take into account unfinished Graphics, unfinished/buggy code, which we know nothing about, except that a certain illegal copy of the game that was produced for early 2002 had roughly 9 Different character models, of which 5 where monsters. "another is the fact that the console and PC version are really suppose to hit the shelves together, at the same time. " According to id and nerve they should be released 3 or so months apart, with the pc version first. OH, and it is june 14. GO TO HELL GAMESTOP!
  15. Captain_obvious

    Vid card poll-- need help with something.

    There is not a market for geforce 1s/2s/mxs because the people that own these cards or recently purchased them are unlikely to actually have a substantial amount of money.