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  1. dr_st

    Multiplayer with a router

    What multiplayer are we talking about? Classic DOOM? Source port? LAN or Internet?
  2. dr_st

    Getting away with Ultra Quality

    It's not due to ATI being buggy or anything. Nvidia is traditionally better with OpenGL games, such as DOOM3, which among other things is heavily optimized for Nvidia cards.
  3. dr_st

    The "I'm not playing DOOM 3" thread

    I have a low-end GeForce FX5200. Dunno how that will cope with DOOM3. All other specs of my PC will handle it with no problems. I could get a better video card, but I'm gonna wait for a while, and so will DOOM3.
  4. dr_st

    Game boxes

    I prefer the large boxes. Most of the games that come in a small DVD box come without a decent manual, and since the box can normally hold only 1 CD, if there is more than that, the additional CDs are thrown into plastic bags. That's just ridiculous. If I buy a game, instead of just downloading it, I expect a certain level of packaging.
  5. dr_st

    Why DOOM will never die.

    The lack of Z-coordinates for vertexes.
  6. dr_st

    what makes doom so good?

    Crappy gameplay, etc.
  7. dr_st

    Gameboy Advance Dooms?

    Thesmellyone: If you can't/won't buy Mac DOOM, and want to warez it, please do, just don't talk about it here, and stop trying to justify it. I'm really sick of all these "I don't want to do illegal stuff, but this game should be free" arguments. You are not the designer, you are not the publisher. Only they decide what to do with the game. All you can decide is what you want to do with what they decide.
  8. dr_st

    bad computer

    Why? What exactly is a "third party burned disk" according to your definition?
  9. dr_st

    ever buy a game....

    No, because that's stealing and I don't steal.
  10. dr_st

    One step closer to peace

    How exactly did that make you feel what you felt?
  11. dr_st

    Gameboy Advance Dooms?

    There is a difference between abandonware and warez. You may choose not to see it, but it's there. Besides, the definition of abandonware is rather problematic. Then you have **** - is it legal or not? Is it abandonware or not?
  12. That's right. I had a problem a while ago that JavaScript somehow malfunctioned, even though I had it enabled. Popup menus, drop down menus, frames and stuff like that stopped working on many sites - it wasn't fun by any means.
  13. dr_st

    space simulations

    Terminal Velocity had kickass music. The game itself was highly repetitive and it's not a space simulation.
  14. dr_st

    ever buy a game....

    You fucker! *beats Ivan to a bloody pulp* Not that it ever happened to me. Actually here most of the time the CDs aren't even in their packages. The packages lie empty on the shelves, and when you want to buy one, the clerk locates the CD in a special storage drawer under his desk. It's safer that way.
  15. dr_st

    Why DOOM will never die.

    Eh. Wolf3D did suck on many different levels. Not on all of them, but on damn too many.