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  1. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Sorry, Nine Inch Heels, sarcasm is sometimes hard to pass in text form. Since it was quite clear to me that such a statement is not protected, I couldn't understand why dew would even bring it up as an example. Seemed like a very clear strawman argument to me, so I just threw it right back. Maybe I should have made the sarcasm more obvious. I really thought it would be obvious enough, but now I see how it may not have been. Your desire to cherry-pick a specific statement, which is not even fundamental in the discussion, and present it as "evidence" of my lack of qualification to discuss the topic in general, is a good technique to avoid paying attention to the claims. It's tempting to do so sometimes, and I have done so myself in the past. I try not to. It's not generally good for constructive discussions.
  2. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    "Actually, I don't want to give anyone any power to cancel anything." - that was in the context of the meme thing, and it was poorly phrased. Disregard that. Everything else stands. I'm sure if you had read what I wrote prior to that poorly phrased sentence, you would have understood me, and wouldn't have "jumped" at that reply (probably because you would not have written what I was replying to in the first place). I think I have made my point quite clear, and you have made yours. The "better than you do, Karen" suggests to me that, unfortunately, I was not wrong about you in my previous post. You can't hold yourself from making a personal attack. But then again, maybe I can't either?
  3. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    @dew Re: the Karen meme. I put the disclaimer that I knew it was beside the point, and that it is a pet peeve of mine. I offered a parallel that explains why I think its derogatory and why it's shameful that generally good people contribute to the spread of such a dumb and insulting meme, where same group of generally good people would be appalled if such an exact meme existed, but with a slight variation, targeting a different social group. Re: "calling someone a racist is in fact the real racism" - I never said that. Re: "your entire plan is to command tech companies to enforce unrestrained free speech´╗┐" - absolutely not. My entire plan is to take away from them the right to restrain free speech that is protected under the free speech laws of the relevant jurisdiciton. I never wrote that I want them to enforce anything. I explicitly wrote that the actual free speech limits should stand. But you just don't read. You just don't read. You must have this idea that everyone who advocates for a specific point or uses the same terms, by definition thinks in the same patterns, so why spend time understanding what it is they are saying? Just use the same template blanket retort, preferably while sneaking an insult while at it.
  4. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Is "expressing one's desire to exterminate all Jews" allowed under American free speech laws? American laws govern Twitter's operation in America, not in Europe or anywhere else. Ah, yeah, all the standard leftist tropes. Derogatory stereotypes aimed specifically at whites are allowed, but against blacks - it is racism. Not even the stereotypes themselves - even showing some parallels between stereotypes is racism. Complete disregard of the point, complete inability to actually think about anything in any way other than identity politics, or to see your own reflection when the mirror is placed in front of your face. "Triggered and unmasked" indeed. :)
  5. dr_st

    Warnings on Doomworld. (now suspensions)

    @EvelisH Consider the system on Doomworld as application of the Lazy evaluation principle to the forum rules. The rules are not explained, until the first time you break them, at which point they are communicated to you through the warning message. Since there are no immediate or permanent repercussions, it's a reasonable system. How many first-time users start by reading forum rules anyways?
  6. dr_st

    Most obscure Doom fact you know

    I remember a discussion of this exact topic recently. I think it was determined at the very least that the proportions are wrong, i.e., the Doomguy is too tall in this image.
  7. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Facebook and Twitter, pretty much, yes. Reddit - probably not yet. Reddit is not there yet, in my mind, as I said. Most of it is still anonymous message-board style. Facebook and Twitter are largely based around people and organizations using their real identities to share their thoughts, opinions and promote their business and agendas. At least, the accounts that have the most followers/exposure are like that. I want to take away the right of Facebook and Twitter's management to censor their users because they disagree with their opinions, or because certain political pressure groups want it censored. In fact, I think the rule of anonymity can be a good rule of thumb to decide when free speech protections should apply. If you wish to hide behind anonymity, it's your right, but then you don't get the protection. Perhaps the test should be that if you are saying something that you would be allowed to say, standing at Times Square, and if you are wiling to come forward and identify yourself, then Facebook/Twitter (and perhaps, soon, Reddit) should not be allowed to take it down / censor it / block it in any way. This way whatever laws you have that limit the freedom of speech in general, still apply. The content of said laws and how they are applied/enforced, is the subject of a different discussion.
  8. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    It's high time the laws are updated. Specifically when it comes to freedom of speech, and specifically when it comes to de-facto monopolistic social network platforms. These platforms are not newspapers, they are not media outlets. They do not publish - they provide a platform for everyone to publish their own stuff. As such, they act more like the FCC, and therefore they should not be allowed to discriminate based on the opinions of people who use their services. The fact that they are run by a private corporation and not by the government should not matter. Due to their de-facto monopoly, when they ban or censor someone, they effectively shut them up, and it is definitely against the spirit of the freedom of speech principle.
  9. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    It's not a separate program. It's part of the built-in commands of cmd.exe, at least since Vista.
  10. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    It ships with every version of Windows. Not that I like it much (syntax is atrocious), but it is there and can do things plain command-line cannot. No, it isn't. That's also not true. Not going to take this bait this time, sorry. ;)
  11. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Not all hate speech. Apparently it's OK when it's against "the majority". :) https://www.reddithelp.com/en/categories/rules-reporting/account-and-community-restrictions/promoting-hate-based-identity-or
  12. You know, I don't think so. I think the original poster (Lynn) was genuinely unhappy about how this particular situation was handled by the mods.
  13. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    Well, one I used just yesterday is diskpart, which apparently lets you do certain things that the Disk Management GUI won't. It was specifically in the context of setting up multiple partitions on USB flash drive. sfc, DISM are good examples too. Also PnpUtil, and even things like starting Device Manager with SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES environment variable set. And powercfg is a nice and powerful tool. These are just off the top of my head. There are more that I might recall later. Also, there are lots of Powershell commands, but I would put these in their own category.
  14. @seed There are two different statements of mine that you quoted, and I'm not sure which one you're replying to. Indiana Jones is a man. It would be hard to claim that a tortured Indiana Jones proves a pattern of a creator's sick fetish with torturing women. With the second statement "if it had been a single event" I suggest that the reaction would have been different if there was not a pre-established pattern.
  15. @Redneckerz Doom2D is awesome. Has its own level editor too, but not sure if there are actually any tools to convert Doom's maps to 2D. Maybe the remakes added something?