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  1. If I could find the idiot who popularized this stupid "let's associate the name Karen with some dumb broad stereotype" meme, and beat him to a bloody pulp, and get away with it, I would. :)
  2. dr_st

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    @FractalBeast I see what you did there, ho-ho.
  3. dr_st

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    How dare you?!
  4. And the number 1000 means that you are banned for 1000 years, so might as well give up now.
  5. dr_st

    Doom Music Remaster

    Thank you so much, it is indeed better now. :)
  6. AIDS is nothing like CoV or flu-like pandemics because it is nowhere nearly as contagious. So while it required some permanent adjustments to the way people behave, it mostly affected only very specific scenarios, as it is only in those scenarios you can contract HIV. You won't get it from somebody sneezing on you or breathing next to you, or from touching a contaminated surface with your hands.
  7. I actually realized just now after reading this thread, that I really hate the concept of inventory in these games. It is just bad and annoying. In fact it's useless in every FPS I've seen it in (like Quake II). The skill progression system like in Daikatana, and Doom (2016) tends to get more heat, but I find it works much better than an inventory, where half of the items are useless junk and the other half can be hoarded to eliminate any form of challenge from the game. The inventory in Duke3D / Shadow Warrior, limited to specific items that you might want to use in particular points and can actually toggle on/off to avoid using them all up at once, does work.
  8. dr_st

    Doom Music Remaster

    Sampled a few tracks, and everything sounds great. Awesome remasters. Except the main theme of "Demons on the Prey" (E1M7) is overshadowed by the drums; I don't like that.
  9. dr_st

    What is your favorite Icon of Sin fight?

    Darkness without End? Yeah, that's definitely one of the most memorable ones. Of all the IWADs - I probably prefer the fight in Plutonia. The setting is just so much cooler than the slime pit in DOOM2, and the monsters that are already there at the start add a good challenge to the fight. First you have to get rid of the Cyberdemon. Do you tackle it head-on or shoot it from a safe spot? Do you try to clear some of the monsters or ignore them, etc. The one from TNT is really weak as an Icon of Sin fight. It's a good long level, but the boss fight itself is underwhelming, since the timing element of hitting the brain is eliminated - you just shoot it from the step under the top.
  10. Hexen has no secrets, because the entire game is basically mandatory secret-hunting. The annoying thing about it is that it's long, and you are stuck with the class you chose throughout the game. By the time you're done, you don't want to replay the same thing again with a different class, so you end up not getting the full experience. I would prefer the Daikatana approach, where your weapons change every few levels. Oh, and there is also the best thing about Hexen - Quietus. Which sounds a lot like "coitus".
  11. Now, if one talks about hardware, then my oldest working, still in use (occasionally) piece has to be the Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Value (CT4520) card.
  12. dr_st

    Question about Heretic: Masters of Choas

    The don't use ZDOOM and don't use ZDOOM-oriented WADs/mods.
  13. dr_st

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Or "Speaker for the Dead", if these were trees.
  14. dr_st

    Recommend a scary/atmospheric texture replacement pack

    Must resist... must resist... Oh well. It doesn't get any scarier than this.
  15. dr_st

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Yep. In fact it stopped working in old browsers too. Like those based on old versions of Chromium that still run on XP/Vista. I do browse Reddit from time to time, when a search for a specific things brings a Reddit thread as one of the first results. There has been a good number of times where information in those discussions, or the links within was useful to me, so it's good. There is no need for me to actually register or post there, though.
  16. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    That's the actual correct clock rate. Manufacturers just advertise it as double, because DDR can transfer data twice per cycle.
  17. Well, I use DOS file managers (Norton Commander) and launchers (Quikmenu III) to run my games and manage files inside my DOSBox environment. I also sometimes use Open Cubic Player for playing MIDI/MOD files inside same environment.
  18. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    DDR4-2133 obviously. The clocks are often a couple of MHz off.
  19. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    @Doom_Dude DisplayPort-->HDMI works with passive adapters on most (all?) modern video cards and screens.
  20. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    As in - the same game across 3 monitors. Ultra-ultra-ultra-wide. Can be cool for certain 3D games (shooting, driving, flying), and maybe even real-time strategies.
  21. dr_st

    Hardest Doom Level?

    E4M1 is really not that hard unless you try to go for 100% kills / secrets. 4 of the 5 bullet sponges can be avoided.
  22. dr_st

    Show me your PC setup!

    For work, 2 monitors make sense. For a gaming-oriented setup, they don't, because you need a center monitor. So it's either 1 or 3. And for 3 you already need a big desk, plus spend more on the screens. If you actually want to play games on all 3 - you may need to invest a fortune into the hardware (CPU + GPU, or often multiple GPUs). At work, I use 2 monitors. At home, all my desk setups have a single monitor. The latest one is the 32" UHD BenQ PD3200U.
  23. dr_st

    Why Aren't Nam And Redneck Rampage Mentioned?

    Damn you all, you really make me think I should play RR and RRRA. I've had them on my hard drive for close to 2 decades now, and every time I try to play I give up after 1 level at most.
  24. dr_st

    Hardest Doom Level?

    @MFG38 Well... yeah. That... was the joke, I guess?
  25. dr_st

    Hardest Doom Level?

    DOOM II MAP32 with -nomonsters. Very hard. Almost impossible without cheats.