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  1. dr_st


    OK, I'm finally _answering_ this question. In TNT Evilution, Level 30, extracted from the "official" secrets list for Final DOOM, from TeamTNT's site: --- A switch to the north of the boss shooter creates a stairway leading to the top platform. To shoot the brain, stand on the first step down from that top platform. --- I tried it once and it worked for me. And if anyone ever asks about "The Plutonia Experiment": --- You will see the Big Giant Head on the wall in front of you. Directly in front of you will be two switches and a platform. Go to the right switch first, which makes the platform too high. The left switch lowers the platform for you to get on it and ride it up. The object, like in DOOM2 MAP30, is to shoot rockets into the Big Giant Brain Hole. You must raise the platform first or it will be too short to shoot from. Like in DOOM2 MAP30 (again) you will need to fire your rockets just as you clear the wall, before you get all the way to the top. ---
  2. dr_st


    Well, with BOOM, for example, you could execute the massacre cheat code (TNTEM) and see the "monsters killed" count. If it is nonzero, you know that you missed some monsters. Then you can reload the saved game which you saved just before the cheat code and go out looking for 'em. But if you are recording a demo that's a problem.
  3. dr_st


    Uhm, DOOM calculates the percentage based on the numbers of monster in THINGS which are on the map at the beginning, so if you kill monsters which were resurrected twice or more, you can have more than 100% kills and it happened to me more than once. In a similar way, in DOOM2 MAP30 (last level) there is only 1 monster on the map when it starts (John's head), so each monster you kill there is 100%. So you can have 1000% or 5000% kills there...
  4. dr_st

    tnt map 14

    I usually load DETH and search for different passages, trigger lines, sector tags etc in the level. You know, check what activates what.
  5. dr_st

    Hey Kris! You like E2M4,? try this

    Hoe, please... /me hates those stupid mIRC habits.
  6. dr_st

    the eternal question

    Yeah, it happens to me when I don't know how to pronounce something, and I get used to pronouncing it wrong, then when someone tells me how to pronounce it right I become surprised... And then there are those things people pronounce differently. Most people pronounce Z az Zee while I pronounce it as Zed (or Zet).
  7. dr_st

    Hey Kris! You like E2M4,? try this

    Thanks, bigbad, but I knew about PE2000. The thing is they closed the N64 ROMs. I guess it's this damn IDSA or any other association again. I'd shoot them all with a BFG 9000, kill 'em with a direct shot, then watch 'em die again of the invisible blast. Motherfakkers...
  8. dr_st

    Hey Kris! You like E2M4,? try this

    I don't have a N64 (I'm a PC player), but I would like to play DOOM64. Anyone knows where I can download the ROM (I have a number of N64 emulators).