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  1. I find myself disliking doing a doom recording cause you can't save
  2. Hello i notice that you are not on Doom wiki, trying to find the names of your maps

    1. Cynical


      Golachab and Impure Offering.  Filename for the latter was impoffer.wad

  3. I will definitely add this puppy to my bucket list
  4. Just raw fun and fast gameplay devoid of fancy super detailing is appreciated in this thread here
  5. Halloween wad by Andrea, now this certainly is going to hit the sweet spot, and I can play it in dsda and not gzdoom, yay!
  6. Stroggman

    Wads that have good short maps

    Ah, looks interesting and never seen it listed on Doomworld Top Community ( Ressurected) wads list, thanks for this recommendation
  7. Stroggman

    Wads that have good short maps

    I am really into short maps so name some wads please
  8. Stroggman

    Looking for Halloween/Fall Themed Mods

    I am gonna be playing Tangerine Nightmare for Halloween
  9. I heard someone mention that Doom is designed to run on a 486 computer so it will feel faster under Win XP
  10. I'm satisified with Doom performance under Win 10 using dsda-doom source port so I would be a bit nervous getting a Win xp rig
  11. I have my frame rate uncapped, and lowering my settings and I think I did thouroughly tweak out win 10 for better gaming
  12. Stroggman

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    Blasting away at armies of imps with RL, dealing with traps, taking out skeleton men with ssg and stunning them with cg and I will stop adding to this list cause I can add an endless amout of essence lol
  13. Yeah if winXP will make Doom run faster I will most likely go on eBay and buy a WinXP rig just to play Doom
  14. Wanna know the makings of a good doom map