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  1. EduardoAndFriends

    Wads that have good short maps

    Hehe, thanks IP. :p
  2. Thanks for playing, Shaqodemon / Sherberto. :) really appreciate you taking the time to pass on your thoughts n comments! The crate area in map 05 is where I lost focus the most I think .. before I knew it I’d gobbled up a huge amount of linedefs due to the crates and rusty cubes but I liked the way it vibed so I stopped myself from scrapping it and starting again. But yah, it’s more akin to my other stuff than the rest of the mapset.
  3. Weeeeeeew!! Guess Christmas has come early? :) gonna have some fun with this ‘un.
  4. I looked at how pcorf dealt with em in Zone 400 and it was pretty inspiring. That man’s a wizard. :)
  5. Hey thanks dude! :) I tried to pile on the hit scanners (not too many chaingunners!) cos you can mow em down with the chaingun in great swathes hehe. I hope to do something similar but quite different for episode two.
  6. Haha! Not quite, but I have used far more arachnos than I previously have. It’s fun finding good sniping spots for them! :p
  7. Yeah man, I’m making ep 2 at the moment in between other things. :) early Silverchair is so damn grungy and super cool especially!
  8. Hello again, Doomers! This is Down Under, a mapet consisting of speedmapped levels all made with 500 or less linedefs. Why? Well, I wanted a fun challenge, and it turned out I really love speedmapping, I had no idea. I wanted to make a collection of zippy maps that would take 2 - 5 minutes to play with uncomplicated, explosive fights and all decked out in some gorgeous OTEX grunge. If you feel like having a play and providing feedback, that would be much appreciated, but if you'd rather wait for a full release, watch this space. Shouldn't be too far off. EPISODE ONE (Maps 1 - 6): Down. The Story: With the Australian outback being used in the past for exceedingly horrendous deeds such as dumping nuclear waste and nuclear testing and the development of Sarin Gas (that story is INSANE), I figured that the dumb old UAC would undoubtedly have constructed a base somewhere in the desert for their unsavoury purposes. Our hero has come a-knocking and is taking out the trash, clearing out the surface base ... and what lies beneath. Episode One consists of 6 maps, with a text screen that will take you to Episode Two when I've finished making it. Currently though, the text screen just takes you to a waiting room, instead of shoving you into Dead Simple unawares. All map names are sourced from Australian rock and pop song titles, albums, and band names. It’s all good stuff, track them down and give it a listen! Map01 Loaded Gun: a song by The Living End. Map02 Raise The Alarm: a song by The Living End. Map03 Solid Rock: a song by Goanna. Map04 Frogstomp: an album by Silverchair. Map05 Torn: a song by Natalie Imbruglia. Map06 Never Tear Us Apart: a song by INXS. DOWNLOAD (Episode One Beta v3.0 Updated 27/9/23) https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/nsjfn7tsmok6t0ohyjw6z/D-UNDER-BetaV3.0-27-9.zip?rlkey=oohf8mgpnn8dlrjcur7sz72jp&dl=0 The Deets: IWAD: Doom II Comp Level: 9, Boom for some line specials. NO JUMPING OR CROUCHING. Levels: 6 playable maps so far, but there will be 11 with episode two. Difficulties: Only UV thus far. Difficulties WILL be implemented. Each map made with pistol-start in mind, but feel free to play continuous. Extra squishy thanks to @Biodegradable for testing and providing feedback! PICS: Please let me know if you encounter any issues. Cheers. -Edz xo
  9. EduardoAndFriends

    What is your favorite book?

    Right on, man. Pratchett rules. I can’t choose a favourite. Rereading Jingo at the moment.
  10. EduardoAndFriends

    What is your favorite book?

    Any of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books (favourite author) but I also read Masters of Doom once a year to ride the rollercoaster of emotions as they build something beautiful and then due to egos, things fall apart. Magnificent book. I also like slipping into something nice and easy like some Dan Brown now and then… I read each night before bed, so largely it depends on whatever mood I’m in, lel.