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  1. Esselfortium and TheGreenHerring are chiefly responsible for that texture pack. It doesn't need to be in a separate textfile or anything, but typically something posted on idgames has a textfile describing the contents of the wad, and people put attributions and credits in that.
  2. Hi, team lead for 32in24 here. Any 32in24 resources are free to use by anyone so long as they are properly attributed in the textfile on release.
  3. Shaikoten

    Help/tips for a disabled Doom player?

    If you have movement in your head and neck, it may be worth investigating TrackIR or a similar head tracking solution. Similar, albeit less precise head tracking can be achieved with a webcam and a hat or headphones customized to track things. To elaborate, the setup I would use in this situation is to control with a typical WASD with the left hand, set shift or something similar to fire, and control turning with the movements of your head--I've used it before and it works well with simple, subtle left and right motions which should work fine with Doom. It's also similar to the tracking in VR headsets.
  4. Shaikoten

    32in24 - Best of DM Pack

    Yeah we're fine, just taking our time. Might host up some gameplay sessions of the old packs this weekend and get some folks in to get some feedback.
  5. Shaikoten

    32in24 - Best of DM Pack

    Yeah -13 was pretty great overall, I think I want MAP01 "LET THE BURGERS HIT THE FLOOR!" to be map01 of this compilation, it's that good. There are some maps that play better, but I do believe it epitomizes the 32in24 spirit with its design and humor and it's still mad fun. I love plasma spamming those curvy stairwells with freelook on too.
  6. YEDS is on a mission, to assemble the greatest FFA map pack in the world. The corpses will pile high. The gun barrels will always be hot and smoking. The servers will be full day and night. We will assemble the best 32 FFA maps from the history of 32in24 into one WAD. But we need your help! I've personally gone through each map that qualifies with bots and made a list of the maps that stand out to me, but I want player recommendations too from people who have played them with actual people more recently. The WADs that qualify are: 32in24 32in24-3 32in24-5 32in24-6 32in24-8 32in24-9 32in24-10 32in24-11 32in24-13 32in24-15 My notes from SP testing are in this pastebin. Please post any feedback or recommendations below. We also have plenty of people willing to hop in a server to help test at any time in the YEDS Discord.
  7. Shaikoten

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    Bumping this to notify folks we have a test session coming up for the release candidate. Here is the thread with all the info. This Sunday.
  8. Shaikoten

    What do you guys think of Apex Legends?

    Honestly I think it's the best "one of those" out there. It's a Battle Royale, and if you don't like those, you probably won't like this. But it's very thoughtfully designed, looks nice, and runs well, even on older hardware. Titanfall 2 was a great game, and I was disappointed to find that Apex played and felt like that but didn't have the all the cool mobility options. That said, it's grown on me after playing it quite a bit. I probably have approximately 100 hours in it so far. The team drop system and nonverbal communication with highlights and callouts are very well done, it's (so far) a very fair F2P model, and the devs have been responsive and timely in their fixes.
  9. Shaikoten

    I've been feeling very sad.

    My dude. We not the be all, end all. Pleasing us is not important. What's important is you understand what makes you happy and going after that. As long as what you like to do isn't hurting anyone, you should keep on doing it. Have fun, be happy, and don't worry so much what other people think. It's OK to get sad or depressed or get discouraged and cry. But at the end of the day the healthiest thing you can do is love yourself.
  10. Shaikoten

    Legendary FPS in gaming history

    Oh shit whattup, postin in a necro thread: Operation Bodycount - This game really taught me to love rat killing Zero Population Count - For when you absolutely positively need to play an entire game set inside a KMFDM album cover Gloom - Only the greatest in in Amiga Shooters that are definitely in no way influenced by Doom
  11. Shaikoten

    I've been feeling very sad.

  12. Shaikoten

    I've been feeling very sad.

    A good way I've found to contribute to any online community: Listen first. Read lots of threads. Gather information. Become an expert. Once you know things, start sharing what you know. Answer questions. Be helpful. Research first, ask questions if your research doesn't turn anything up. Participate in community projects that encourage newcomers. People tend to give good feedback on these projects. You don't need to participate by working with mapping. You can make textures. Pixel art. Music. You could provide playtest feedback and bug finding. You could learn how to compile resources. Organize projects. You don't have to be explicitly "creative" to contribute to creative projects.