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  1. 18 hours of labor, one c-section and 4 days in the hospital later, I finally can call myself the proud parent of this handsome young man.

    It was a very complicated delivery. After we were in the clear, the head nurse informed my sort-of-mother-in-law that my girlfriend and baby were in a pretty dire situation and the c-section was an emergency measure. Ed Jr was facing chin forward with the umbilical cord completely wrapped around him. My girlfriend had an un-diagnosed condition of fluid retention that was putting so much pressure on her insides that the baby was lodged and hadn't budged an inch in 7 hours. His heart rate was decreasing more and more with each contraction, very scary stuff.

    I owe quite a bit of gratitude to the nurse staff. They averted what would have been the worst day of my life and ended up making it the best.

    I'd say 2-3 years tops and I'll be uploading his first map to /idgames.

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    2. NiTROACTiVE


      Congratulations Ed! He looks cute and I hope he grows up to be a successful person.

    3. Snakes


      Maybe a smidgen late, but this is very awesome to hear, Ed! Congrats are in order.

    4. KiiiYiiiKiiiA


      I haven't been on blogs in forever.

      Ed, my man. Congratulations. And I am glad everything turned out well. Pretty stressful day that was, I bet.

      Good luck and God bless with everything.And thanks for the mapping.

      I have just decided to title Ed Jnr., "The Portal Master." Kinda fitting, really.