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  1. Made this about 5 minutes after unpacking my new Volca Beats by Korg.

    The construction is surprisingly sturdy. The knobs are steppy, which is a bit of a let-down considering it's (nearly) full analog machine. The snare leaves something to be desired, but the kick is very versatile. On the fly beat making when paired with the Electribe is incredibly fun. It doesn't satisfy all my drum needs, and I'll no doubt be adding some PCM drum module or routing a channel off of a rompler / work-station to give the drums a bit more texture. All and all, I won't lose any sleep spending $150 on this little unit.

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    2. tourniquet


      Ed said:

      Power jack?

      Nope, we had a lightning strike during rehearsal, a few years ago, it didn't survive it.
      Regarding cheap samplers, with a bit luck you can still find some early Akai S Models on ebay.
      Unfortunatly most of them only work with Disks or SCSI drives.

    3. Ed


      The Yamaha TX16-W was my go-to 12 bit sampler for ages. It used 720kb floppy disks and only had 1.5mb total sampling memory.. which translated to a pretty good sized drum kit. I don't think I can realistically feel good about spending 45 minutes booting up an OS disk, loading samples, programming performance parameters for each hit.. all by means of a antiquated storage format.

      The Korg ES-1 is looking like a winner.

    4. Ed


      Haven't had much time to sit down and do much of anything involving the computer. Managed to record this over the weekend though. The loud 'HSSSSSSSS' isn't cam/PC noise. I modified my Monotron Duo and fabricated a metal / wood constructed case for it. Unfortunately, it's grounding out on the steel enclosure somewhere. On some patch cord configurations, one of the oscillators self modulates all over the place and you can change the pitch of the other by how much of your chosen appendage is touching the frame. I thought about fixing it, but it'd be like destroying one of nature's own mistakes. Once the filter frequency cutoff isn't completely dumped, the hiss drops out.

      Also, camera stand gave out right after this was recorded.. The cam tilts progressively upward throughout the entire video XD