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  1. Junior making his first completeable map at 4 years old (while being rightfully distracted by the Powerpuff Girls).  This is actually a few months old now, he's graduated to having skies and variable light levels. He still wants blood floors everywhere,  should I be worried?



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    2. DoctorGenesis


      That's pretty kick ass! Only question: Is he watching the original Powerpuff Girls or that weird(er) looking new one?

    3. bzzrak


      So getting Cacowards is becoming a family business now? :]

    4. Ed


      @DoctorGenesis Pretty sure it's the new one.  He doesn't watch too much tv,  but I do try to load him up on the classics.


      @Fonze Even now we'll be eating breakfast and he'll hit me with the line of questioning about  'what planet the aliens are flying to in Ancient Aliens' or 'what do they keep in all the crates'.  Suddenly, you're finding yourself in an IRL "Do Demons Go To The Bathroom?" threads.