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  1. Ed

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Nerd Wedding 2, Judgement Day
  2. I did not go to college and have not worked a sub 60k job in many years. Though, I will be starting my bachelor's on the company dime in Spring. The most beneficial thing to know and remember is learn to speak and write professionally. No fat, no speculation, color or flair. Just facts. Dress professionally. Buy some button-downs and tuck them in. If you look important, people will treat you like you are, even important people. If you don't know, say you'll find out. Be mature, keep your attendance straight, work overtime when offered. 10 extra hours a week won't kill you. Always volenteer to take on new tasks, even if you're not comfortable with them. Don't wait for a supervisor to come to you. Attend corporate functions. Many companies have community outreach and volenteer programs. Sign up for those. You will get promoted and receive better raises than your co-workers. Then use those positions as a higher jumping off point to better positions until you get to the best company you can.
  3. Ed

    Most Extreme Genre Of Music?

    Noise Slam Musique Concrète Death Industrial / Power Electronics Pornogrind
  4. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Dolce and Gabanna The One A vintage component stereo system Evil Dead blanket with a Necronomicon pillow Two Doom posters and a Doom mug Socks MVMT Minimalist watch Blackcraft bathrobe Perturbator t-shirt
  5. I watched it the other night. The entire first half was abysmally directed. I was glad they actually took the time to create something that begged for any kind of investment into Rey as a character, but too little too late. These revelations should have been revealed during the first film and built upon from there. The whole sequel trilogy has been a fumble. The directionless execution, one dimensional characters, needless injection of ham-fisted cultural commentary in a space opera with Muppets, back-peddeling to appease the hardcore fans with plotlines lifted verbatim from the original trilogy, and the butchery of mainline characters for the sake of demanding the focus on a new cast that nobody cares about. That being said, with 40 years of passionate fan investment behind the series, it would be impossible to create an extension of the series without heavy backlash. Star Wars is a hot potato and Disney just isn't up to the task of handling it in a way that will appease old fans or generate the kind of buzz the originals did four decades ago.
  6. Ed

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Married my dream girl last night. Our ceremony was in a retro arcade in town.
  7. Ed

    Putrefier v2

    Back in 2012, I had released a little map called Putrefier. It was an ambitious project for it's time, but the ambitions for the map were much greater. Due to IRL circumstances, I had cobbled together what I had with an admittedly roughshod game-play experience and to the world it went, largely unfinished. Over the years it became quite a nag to see it without the intended care, unrealized vision and spectacle it was intended to be. I had toyed around with some maps intended to be a spiritual successor or sequel of sorts, but I knew that it would always bother me to have it exist in it's unfinished state. With that in mind, I've been working to finish what I had started way back when and I'm pleased to announce Putrefier v2. The changes so far have been in some cases minor, such as fixing texture misalignment and tightening up the existing geometry to major overhauls in the visual presentation and an outright removal of the existing game-play for an entirely new experience. New expanses in the map areas have been constructed and existing areas have been tuned up for more dynamic combat situations. Graphically, textures have been updated and expanded to nearly quadruple the original assets. There have been improvements to the original textures with added specular mapping, PBR materials, and parallax mapping. Lighting has been overhauled with the original's omnipresent orange filter scrapped. Composite textures have been added in many areas as well. So, when can v2 be expected to see the light of day? Not exactly soon, but not very far out either. A ton of work has been done so far, but the lesson learned is that no matter what, this will be released to it's most refined and fully realized potential. I'm far enough along in the project to announce with confidence that it is well on it's way and will be well worth the revisit upon completion.
  8. Quake 2 RTX looking pretty.. slick in ultrawide display.
  9. I've always thought it would be a worthy investment for the Doom Community to crowdfund a documentary crew to follow George Fiffy around and let him expound on his lore from his own mouth. That whole crusade he apparently waged on the FTP hosts due to his file naming format. His gawdy, Flash constructed AOL hometown page was an absolutely bat-shit display of delusions of grandeur with made up reviews from his 'fan club'. "The King Re0l fans have asked for it, and now the Metallica of Doom is back! DETH-FEST 7!" He was truly an outsider artist worthy of mass public awareness.
  10. Ed

    Putrefier v2

    Thanks! Yes, that's a mesh. The thing I love about the modelled terrain is how distance fog rolls out the furthest parts of the model into the dominant color of the skybox. The actual cloud texture is grayscale with the skybox colored by ambient light and a distance fade.
  11. Ed

    Putrefier v2

    Before and after!
  12. Ed

    Putrefier v2

    Like an aging rock star stirring the crowd "You want more??!" "Scream for me!" "Louder! I can't hear you!" "Well we haven't finished writing it, you'll have to come back on our next tour!"
  13. Ed

    Post a picture of yourself!

    My wedding suit finally arrived!
  14. Ed

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Before and after (after and before?) I've added a composite terrain map on outside area and removed the orange filter that's omnipresent on the entire map. Most textures have normal-mapping, some parallax mapping and general asset improvements throughout. I think I've squashed out all the misalignments. The lighting was implemented so poorly in the original that even with all the new bells and whistles added on, I'm getting much higher FPS on the revised work and new construction.
  15. Remastering / expanding / fixing Putrefier. Gameplay and graphics are getting a total overhaul. New areas to explore and less switch-hunt navigation.
  16. Ed

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Putrefier remaster WIP. Cleared most of the game-play related things, added some new areas and inter-room connectivity, bug-fixes, and fixed so, so many misaligned textures. Replacing all of the vertex slope thing entities with actual vertex z height definitions. It's a pretty major overhaul. Lots of new textures, demoing whole areas, clearing space for easier movement.
  17. Ed

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It's for a different project, but I'm working on it in tandem with remastering Putrefier with the same resource pack. A simple once over with better quality textures could probably be done in a couple hours with Find and Replace, but with the normal mapping, a ton of lighting has to be changed and the gameplay is being overhauled as well. Hopefully that should see the light of day before the end of summer.
  18. Ed

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Noodling around with PBR and spec mapped textures.
  19. Ed

    RELAX (Chillax 2) Updates thread

    Hybrid between Quake 2, Unreal Tournament 99's city maps and, of course, Putrefier.
  20. Ed

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    I thought Quake 3 Arena kind of confirmed that.
  21. Ed

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Both acrylic on canvas
  22. The "there are better wads out there that are free" argument is a bit trash. We can't expect Romero to spend hours upon hours honing a skill that has the ultimate endgame of a single megawad release before presumably hanging it back up. Unfortunately, I felt this fell short of the quality of the iwad content in terms of game-play and the visuals just did not gel together. There's a lot of questionable design choices from both a game-play and visual aesthetic standpoint. There are some moments of strong visual substance, but the majority of the build felt like those elements were airbrush murals on a conversion van. The spidery, full-bright cracks are neat looking, but when they're slathered over clunky, 90 degree structures, it just looks terribly out of place. The narrow walkways that were abundant with hard turns were a real drag. I also spotted some visual bugs and texture misplacement on a casual play-through. It's fun as a curiosity, "What kind of megawad would Romero make in 2019", but the execution as a whole felt like a miss.