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  1. No-Man Baugh

    IronEagle Competition 61: Grim Ripper

    Oh don't worry, I've been having a blast with all the ironman threads out there, I've already done runs for the past 2 DWIML threads (Unwelcome and Absolute Dishonor) and made some good headway for the last NMLITE run of Scythe, so I ain't going nowhere (hell I've mostly been playing Hideous Destructor these days by ironmanning it) But I'm still pretty new to it overall and definitely underestimated this wad given the early maps simple architecture. that's all I meant by my comment
  2. No-Man Baugh

    IronEagle Competition 61: Grim Ripper

    Difficulty: UV Category: 1 Died on: Map02 on 16:34 Kills: 113/149 (199 total) DWIE_NOMANBAUGH_12-23_UV_grimripp.zip
  3. No-Man Baugh

    IronEagle Competition 61: Grim Ripper

    the zip includes 4A.wad Should I also load that when recording a run, or do I gotta run without it? edit: thank for the clarification, will get to it tonight
  4. No-Man Baugh

    Doom Christmas: Enhanced (Resource Pack) v1.2

    Found out that the Vsmooth xmas patch has it's own little change to the chaingun, giving it some c9 bulbs Curious what you think of these? according to the readme this is something the guy who made this version of vsmooth, act17, made themself for their project here's a link to the mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/sdvchristmaswad/downloads/smoothdoom-vanilla-christmas-patch
  5. No-Man Baugh

    Doom Christmas: Enhanced (Resource Pack) v1.2

    Utterly adore you guy's restoration and expansion of this holly jolly Christmas classic Do y'all mind if I recompile these assets and rerelease them as a patch for older Christmas wads? I specifically want it to be as modular as practically possible for all kinds of preference (like if someone just wants the texture realignments without all the newfangled ones, or wants the fresh new Pain Elemental sound but still likes to hear "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! HO HO HO!!!" everytime a gib happens) All due credit will be given of course + a link to this thread in the readme and whatever topic I release it under
  6. No-Man Baugh

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe

    Thanks, I basically did that with Woof on my run
  7. No-Man Baugh

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe

    nmlite-scythe-nomanbaugh.zip Died on: Map 11 Time of death: 0.11.37 Total Time: 17:47 Love Scythe 1, so I knew from the outset that the first episode would be a shoe-in but as soon as i get to the second i'll get the boot; and that's exactly what happened Some notes from certian maps I found interesting: This was my first time playing on NM-Lite, and it won't be the last. this was a pretty fun and thrilling way to play Doom and Scythe was the perfect introduction to it See y'all next month (i.e. next week I guess)
  8. No-Man Baugh

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe

    what's a good way to get the time of your demos without having to play the whole thing over?
  9. No-Man Baugh

    4 Stars for DOOM ][ Deathmatch

    Haven't even downloaded this wad. But hot hell did this earn my 4 stars
  10. No-Man Baugh

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    Doom Zero uses that texture (or atleast a modified version of it) for doors that aren't openable, and I think that's a great way of using it. How many times have you been accidentally wallhumping because the map uses the same door textures for both actual doors that open and decorative "doors" to make the map feel more alive
  11. No-Man Baugh

    Why is there so much hate for the Unity Port?

    My gripe with current unity port is the mouse feel. It's still so very jittery even after some configuring and I hope it's just something about my setup that's screwy, because that's the one thing about the current version of the official port that I think could actively hurt a new player's first impressions of the game
  12. No-Man Baugh

    Doom textures missing in Doom 2

    Pretty good map so far, nice detailing and enemy distribution Looking forward to the finalized wad if this is what the prototype looks like
  13. No-Man Baugh

    The DWIronman League dies to: Absolute Dishonor

    Category: 1 Died on: MAP02 Kills: 117 Time: 8.06 Would've died alot when I god caged up with that chaingunner in map 01's blue key room NMB-DWIM-ABDH-1_woof.zip
  14. No-Man Baugh


    Not to bash your playstyle or anything, infact all these mods seem to be pretty quality, but is any of this your original work? all I see in that bloated zip folder are a whole bunch of loose mods with not so much as a text file with credits or a load order Also next time you make a post, for the love of god either downscale your screenshots or put them in a spoilers tab. Took my browser ages to load all those images
  15. to fix both issues you'll have to edit the PLAYPAL lump in your wad, Specifically the colors that are supposed to go with Doomguy's face and what's responsible for the diminished lights, and then rebuild the COLORMAP You might have to touch up the custom sprites that you made with the custom palette for them to look right, but it's unlike those you can't edit stuff from the iwads