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    A Dead one.
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    Well, I'm fucked...

    Source Ports are superior to Doom95! Legacy Rocks!!!
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    Doom Movie?

    Doom's storyline... The "Classic" Doom saga tells the whole thing. Doom 3 however (going by the sneekpeek) seems to retell the Original Doom and reflect / confirm the first novel based on the game. Really the movie would most likely be in two parts. Doom is where it began and Doom II is where it ended. The novels however go behind the game and give you a deeper insight into Doom's story. The characters being Flynn Taggart and Arlene Sanders. There are six novels in total (from what I've seen) but the game tells the story using two installments. To make Doom work on the bigscreen you would follow both the games and the novels as well as throwing some added extras in as well to compliment the story. Of course the movie would work better if showing the story in two installments (like the original games) as opposed to six. A good reason why... The game is not really really that big with the amount of episodes the are as opposed to Spiderman with having a billion+ comic books. Besides people (as in critics) seem to complain when something gets drawn-out for too long. The first installment would naturally explain The original Doom trilogy (Knee Deep in the Dead / Shores of Hell / Inferno) as well as the first novel "Knee Deep in the Dead" (based on entire trilogy). The second installment is clearly based on both the game and book "Doom: Hell on Earth". Theres the story for you. How would this story best be told on the bigscreen? Panavision? CG Animation? Traditional Western Animation? Japanese Animation (aka Anime)? Hybrid Animation (combination of Traditional Techniques & CGI)? Who should be sitting at the projects helm? Why John Carmack of course as well as your other regulars on Doom's development team too. Who would be a good candidate for the director of such a legendary saga? John Carmack? (he led the team on the games didn't he?) Roland Emmerich? (a visionary of epic movies!) Clive Barker? (Hellraiser Rocked!) Ridley Scott? (Bladerunner and Alien were good.) Wes Craven? (he's does some good horrorflicks.) John MacTiernan? (Die Hard & Predator were excellent.) James Cameron? (a Perfectionist, Terminator 1 & 2 rocked!) Paul Verhoven? (Total Recall and Starship Troopers rocked!) John Woo? (HARD TARGET! FACE-OFF! M:I2! PAYCHECK! NEED I SAY MORE?!?) Tsu Hark? (He did some pretty cool stuff.) John Mastow? (is Terminator 3 a good enough reason???) Quentin Tarantino? (is it his style???) The Wakowskis? (...wait on! they'd turn Doom into MatrixDooM.) And finally... Who should play the leading roles of Fynn "Fly" Taggart and Arlene Sanders? What do you think?