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  1. devilscry

    Transporter graphics?

    Hey Nightmare thanks. I will just move the pads round, going to work on normal doom till i figure out the basics, then move onto other ports when i know what i'm doing. -d
  2. devilscry

    Transporter graphics?

    I'm using doom builder, and was just wondering why the textures to my tranporter bads sometimes look like 2 half images, then on other pads i make there is one complete image? i cant move it with texture offset? could someone tell me how to complete this? or why some of my pads look right, then others have 2 half images. -d
  3. devilscry

    Transporter Trouble

    Thanks Darkhaven had a feeling it was that. -d
  4. devilscry

    Transporter Trouble

    Hey all, just had 1 question as i'm just starting map making. I got my first transporter working from 1 area to the next. But the second transporter i made, beamed me to the same place the first teleporter did, even tho the 2nd one had a different beaming location? does this make sense to anyone? i'm using doombuilder if that help, do i need to specify co-ordinates into my 2nd location? Hope u guys can help. -d