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  1. I'll do my best to make the hybrid "exploration-heavy", like the originals were. I've decided that the central part and the left side of the level will represent E2M5 and the right side will represent MAP15. This looks cute. I'll try to create a mini-version of Checkpoint and upload it later.
  2. Wireframe shot of my E2M5/MAP15 hybrid. Work is still in progress, cuz I have a ton of ideas regarding some parts of the level, but I'm planning to add a cave and open-world section on the right side.
  3. EagerBeaver

    AMALGOOM (OST) needs Composers

    A real banger indeed. Definitely has "mysterious" and "demonic" vibes. Now I need to think harder about the overall theme of the level (textures, decorations, atmosphere and all that stuff).
  4. EagerBeaver

    AMALGOOM (OST) needs Composers

    @Johnny Cruelty, no, my next map is MAP15 + E2M5. HEXWALKER's working on level 29.
  5. I don't know if anyone else has asked the same question before, but a couple of ideas came to me. First idea - a custom monster, similar to Ogre Mage from Warcraft 2/3, who can cast a "Bloodlust spell". This "spell" simply turns on the "-fast" parameter for a random demon nearby, making it to attack faster. Second idea - a custom monster, who can enhance attacks of certain types, for example fire attacks of imps, cacos, mancubi and hell nobles. Imp's fireball becomes as deadly as the caco's fireball, hell knight's - as hell baron's, and hell baron's and mancubi fireballs start to hit like cyberdemon's rockets (I know, this is insane). Is it even possible in classic Doom?
  6. @SpaceCat_2001 and @Johnny Cruelty, thanks for your reviews! I made some changes here and there according to suggestions. Here's the updated version. Checkpoint v1.1.zip
  7. Well, here it is, my MAP04! Map Name - Checkpoint (E1M4 + MAP04 Hybrid) Map Slot - 04 Population - Zombie soldiers, Imps, Pinkies, Spectres MIDI - DOOM II Between Levels Redux by silentzorah (downloaded from ZoraSoft.net) Tested in - PrBoom Plus Don't know what to say else. Enjoy... I guess. Checkpoint.zip
  8. MAP04 is done and ready to go, but I'm playtesting it by myself RN. I think, I'll upload it tomorrow.
  9. DoomWorlders, I would like to know your opinion. After some brainstorming and rejecting several map concepts I've decided to make a Metroidvania-style level, consisting of two parts - one representing Command Center and the other representing Industrial Zone. Two reasons: 1. Both e2m5 and Map15 are big levels, which require some exploration (and Command Center can be a bit confusing with all its identical switch-doors and narrow corridors). 2. I always wanted to create a level like this. Also, since the overall theme of the hybrid level is "Construction Yard", I'll give it an "unfinished" look of some sorts. Let it be something like... the demons are trying to build Tower of Babel v 2.0.
  10. @Johnny Cruelty, I think I'll add a semi-secret/"easter-egg" room of some sort. Also, I had a sudden surge of inspiration, so I've started to work on Command Center/Industrial Zone hybrid. I'll try to show the first results next weekend, if only my work doesn't change my map-building plans.
  11. @Johnny Cruelty, here's my report - general layout for MAP04 is done (screenshot is under the spoiler), now I need to paint the walls, deck the halls, place the monsters etc. Also, some "developer's thoughts" about this map building. I think, it has more "Command Control" vibes. "The Focus" was a pretty small and straight-forward map, while "Command Control" was more on an "exploratory" side (plus, it was one of my favourite levels in DOOM 1 when I was a kid), so I decided to create a large "mazy" map with intertwined corridors and passages, where the player can roam freely (well, almost freely) and collect 3 keys to open the door to the exit teleporter.
  12. EagerBeaver

    AMALGOOM (OST) needs Composers

    I can ask @Ajoura to make tracks for my maps, but he's super-busy RN.
  13. @DankMetal, I gave it a thought, but came to the conclusion, that it should remain as "one of a kind". Instead, I'll try to "play" with this idea in a non-standard (maybe even funny) way.
  14. @Johnny Cruelty, thanks for your concern. No need to worry, I've already started to work on Map04, and I think it'd be completed by the next weekend. Then I'll start to work on Map15 immediately, cuz it's gonna be a big one for sure.
  15. @Johnny Cruelty, thank you, than I'll get to work on my maps ASAP. @jo2ukegappy, you were not completely wrong. There is a small arrow in Industrial Zone, in the building with the secret exit (and also that one tricky secret requiring a pain elemental to help you).