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  1. GuntherDW

    Eureka 0.81 Released

    Yeah, I kinda tried compiling & running it before i went to work. So i didn't have all the time in the world to check out the source code :P. Currently Gentoo doesn't provide anything upwards of 1.3 of FLTK. It used to provide a 2.0 beta ebuild but that got removed for whatever reason. * x11-libs/fltk Available versions: (1) 1.3.0-r1 {{cairo debug doc examples games opengl pdf static-libs threads xft xinerama}} Homepage: http://www.fltk.org/ Description: C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL
  2. GuntherDW

    Eureka 0.81 Released

    On Gentoo I had to help the compiler a bit. I had to add -I/usr/include/fltk-1 to CFLAGS, and -L/usr/lib64/fltk-1/ to the LDFLAGS. Right off of the bat I found it kinda weird that it doesn't like to run from inside of its compile environment, and exits out with "FATAL ERROR: Unable to find install directory!" When I did install it it worked but running from the source directory should work as well I think. Most if not all programs allow you to do that. Second, likewise for the german QWERTZ keyboard, the AZERTY keyboard in Belgium doesn't allow us to type either [, ], { or } without alt-gr. And no I can't actually use these as of now in eureka. Besides that I'm kinda glad that there's actually someone who wants to create a working level editor in Linux. The only other editor I got to work in Linux a while back was SLADE. Yadex seems to be crash happy on a 64bit install...
  3. GuntherDW

    Pain Elemental / Lost Soul Usage

    Just when I thought I'd post the fact that these are more annoying than chaingunners, I notice this thread. But tbh, nothing's more annoying than (even armed with a BFG) a monster teleport location in a room, a bunch of hell knights, barons, even a cyberdemon or 2, a crapload of other monsters, and to top it off a couple archviles. Forget about that room, or make it so they spawn when you're not in that room and get ready for agonizing fights. When they're not "flaming" you, they're busy reviving the mess you've created. By far the most irritating monster you can "abuse" in your maps. Even though a pain elemental is quite painful too. I like to deal with them with the SSG and a point black shot or 2 will kill them most of the time. Rarely do I use a RL to kill them, too risky. I've killed myself or nearly so by shooting rockets at pain elementals :p. edit: lost souls not so much, but most of the time I tend to "rush" through maps. When I encounter a room filled with lost souls or pain elementals the first thing I do is take a couple steps back and go back out of the room. I *hate* it when they basically just rape you when there are a bunch of them, but they tend to invoke infighting most of the time, so that's a surplus.
  4. GuntherDW

    The /newstuff Chronicles #310

    the rocket launcher from that zombie wad is from SiN a quake 2 engine based game from ritual quite a fun game, altough it got bad reviews because of the haunting bugs and delaying devs...
  5. sorry for digging this up, but what is 'pacifist' style?
  6. GuntherDW

    The Doom Beastiary

    man if the guardian was as strong as the original heretic beasts, i don't wonna meet em if they are in group :p
  7. GuntherDW


    ZDoomGL? :p it's good , but still in betà and THAT'S WHY IT'S UNSTABLE PEOPLE, it's still in beta form , it's not complete 'yet'!!!
  8. GuntherDW

    Scariest user map/mod/tc

    wich pages or sites have Legacy ONLY wads?
  9. GuntherDW

    Doom-themed mods for games: Review them here

    it would be cool when there was a Doom TC for Q3 :)
  10. GuntherDW

    My face its like over to the side. Why?

    give us the link so we can laugh too :D
  11. GuntherDW

    I feel like a moron for not knowing this, but...

    if only somebody [*SNAP!* You no longer have a head. Watch your account getting deleted next time - red. Mordeth] :p i'm not gonna pay for a doom EDITOR! maybie for a game but not an editor?
  12. GuntherDW

    ZDoom for Doom Arcade

    Beta 28 with doom arcade LAGS LIKE HELL with me??? how the fuck is this possible , i've got an AMD XP 1800+ , 320 SD-Ram DDR , GF2MX200 it normally shouldn't lag on this pc , since b33 doesn't
  13. GuntherDW

    How to install ZDoomGL

    i have 1.666 since i can't update it to 1.7a or 1.9 EVERY PATCH DOESN'T WORK! :(
  14. GuntherDW

    i'm working on a mod...

    it's updated :D
  15. GuntherDW

    i'm working on a mod...

    whatcha think of it , i'm updating it now (BIG changing , and i need to know the bugs and all!!!!!!!) it's v0.6 now