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  1. unknown imp

    Most famous Monster

    the spectre.
  2. unknown imp

    Games You'd Like to See Remade with the DOOM Engine

    every nes game every made..seriously? hmm mega man.
  3. unknown imp

    Why PSX?

    you know..youre right.never thought of it that way, dur...*klonk*
  4. unknown imp

    Why PSX?

    Yeah, back in 1995 they filled up the disc quickly, im not sure if they knew any compression techniques for the PSX or whatever it was with limited space at the time.. What kind of kills it for me is that the sound effects are straight from Doom64..I love those sound fx, fits the game, but i wish it had its own new ones.. Knowing theyve been used already..i dunno.
  5. unknown imp

    Which is more half assed: specter or hell knight?

    I thought all they did was change the transparency on the Spectre to say, 50?
  6. unknown imp

    Release date poll

    August, around the end of the month..
  7. unknown imp

    What's your favorite DOOM 64 level?

    Agreed. D64 is so scary in some moments i have to stop playing, on a claustriphobic scale/survival scale. The environments are really the mood setter along with the ambience. I dont know what it is about D64 apart from other FPS games.
  8. unknown imp

    Has anyone ever made any new enemies?

    Definitely Hexen.. Never was a fan---
  9. unknown imp

    THE best Doom wad

    Hey thanks i'll try that now! PSX doom music. Only the best.
  10. unknown imp

    Old Games vs. New Games

    I think old games to me stops along 1994/95 with games like DonkeyKong Country and Chrono Trigger. Around 1996 games started to become polygonal, developers were leaving the Genesis and Snes "wars" and working on PSX, Saturn and N64 titles obviously. But thats where i draw the line, when games were made more for the new consoles. I like both equally, but i do have my phases of playing snes/nes or genesis games strictly for a while, then i go and play newer consoles and newer pc games for a while. Seems i cant play both at the same time. In short i like both, a bit of old games, and new, and some old school(atari, coleco).
  11. Heres another unknown imp question/idea. Anyone ever made any new enemies along the looks of the original doom enemy sprites? Whats the max size for an enemy to take up? Becuase itd be awesome to have an Arachnatron with a cyberdemon torso and two machine gun arms. Come to think of it, i may try that..
  12. unknown imp

    THE best Doom wad

    What is THE bad ass wad for Doom(or 2, Final..?) One that stacks up to the first 4 episodes of Doom, a good mix of challenge and level design? What comes to mind when you think "best doom wad to date." Ive played many, and there are some sites that have about 4000 wads with no real actual knowing if theyre any good.
  13. unknown imp


    http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=23534 second picture. I assume thats hell.
  14. unknown imp

    CD sleeves suck

    I think it wont do anything much different from many other game releases, and its the game being in a jewel case(with cd key on outside case) inside those nifty small pc boxes like the preorder box size.
  15. unknown imp

    Ruining Doom

    I think by the time we start playing it all the 'what ifs' will go out the window and we'll just be concentrating on enjoying what we see/how we're gonna survive such and such a level. May not be completely on topic but this has happened to me on many anticipated games: Trying to get from point a to point b/of course enjoying the details.