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  1. that would be a better pretense for a horror scifi game than doom3
  2. that screen actually looks like a nice start for a cool project.
  3. =laff=Mish

    Just wondering... who smokes?

    way to copy family guy. i like how everyone's like AHH I HATE SMOKING ITS EVIL AHH ITS BAD FOR YOU LOTS OF MONEY AHHH AHHH LETS GO DRINKING
  4. a nice emulator can fix that up (and has before for multiplayer games at my school)
  5. =laff=Mish

    Another reason for not smoking...

    Exactly my point. The thing is, I smoke about every day, and spend about $2.50 a week. If you're not smoking 50 packs a day, you're fine. And I don't think anyone that smokes 50 packs a day is going to be turned, or get rid of their addiction, by someone saying 'think about the money'.
  6. =laff=Mish

    Your top 3 sci-fi movies

    Any one else posts that same comment again and you're going in my basement..forever
  7. =laff=Mish

    Just wondering... who smokes?

    Sorry man. space Exactly the same. Same Amen. Most people's 'I got Fucked up from smoking' stories start without a filter, and with a couple packs a day.
  8. =laff=Mish

    Your top 3 sci-fi movies

    Also> The Matrix Johnny Mnemonic I think people like it for being a good action movie, not a good scifi film. I'd say hellraiser, but I like it for being a horror, not a scifi.
  9. =laff=Mish

    need a sprite... of a lil' girl

    lil'girls.com ?
  10. =laff=Mish

    Another reason for not smoking...

    I like how you argued my points instead of just being an asshole and saying 'WRONG'. Regular discussion continues to work for the rest of us. Tap water is free. Soda is about 2 dollars for a 2 li. If you drink three every week, you'll spend around $14,400 by the time you reach fifty. If you bothered to invest that money over a fifty year period, you would have a pretty decent sum of money, enough to buy your kids quite a future. Are you going to stop drinking soda? Anyways, with all the money I've spent on smoking, I could buy... not even a nice chair. That argument works a lot better against smoking weed.
  11. =laff=Mish

    Math - pattern "discovery"

    I already knew the square pattern, but then you said and I started looking at inverse functions. And from there it went to shit.
  12. =laff=Mish

    Another reason for not smoking...

    There's one fatal flaw with your story. Marlboros are the worst cigs ever. I don't know anybody who actually smokes them. Seriously-your story doesn't really make a point. Even a heavy smoker would toss a pack of Marlboros if they accidently bought one. Thus the term, dumped like Marlboros. If you smoke 5 packs a day. If your will is strong enough, you can smoke a little every now and then, and that's it. Hell, I think it's a good excersise in self control. Any points against 'chicks don't dig it/you smell like shit' is bullshit. If your parents smoked when you were a kid, you will become attracted to the smell of smoke. Thus, chicks whose parents smoked will dig you. You will smell like shit--maybe--only to those who have never had a childhood experiance with smoking. Regardless, people don't smoke to look cool. Well, I'm sure there are, but those people are idiots. The reason people smoke is to get a temporary high which is stronger than the same amount of marijuana for a short time. It's convenient for breaks during work or relieveing stress without F'ing the day up. If people don't agree witht the 'higher than pot' statement, that's because you haven't smoked enough to be able to take enough to take several long drag straight to the head. Not to mention that an eight of kind can cost up to $50, for which you can get 140 or so cigs. I'm not bashing smoking anything. I'm not suggesting anyone smoke anything. I'm just saying, it's your descision, and don't base it off of some bullshit spam from media sources, whether it's pro smoking or anti. (people will think about replying to this saying 'what bullshit media spam against smoking?' then they'll remember those 'truth' ads that tried to make an argument against smoking by showing that most ceo's of smoking companies are corrupt bastards---even having the nerve to do so when we know that pretty much all CEO's, of any company, are evil mfuckers.)
  13. =laff=Mish

    The best books ever... (Harry Potter)

    Just remembered, best book flat out ever, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep basis of the movie 'Blade Runner'
  14. =laff=Mish

    Any Diabloish games you dumb?

    Is that a jewish character?