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  1. Thnx, I try.......... HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
  2. The Falcon


    3 Shots of Yager: everytime one of my htreads gets post-helled.... EDIT: ....crap.....i better get my shot glass.....
  3. The Falcon

    Canadian Elections

    Canada is its own country!?!?!?!?!
  4. The Falcon

    I tried to make a level without sky

    hm............sky just adds so much depth and realism to a level.
  5. The Falcon

    In need of mappers for a mod i completed

    I can help out. Got no projects of my own goin right now........
  6. The Falcon

    Funky Comet thingy

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5234058/?GT1=3584 what an odd little f@#$*r!! Maybe a giant once stood on it......(maybe not)
  7. The Falcon

    Sound of the Big Bang

    The concept of time goin' backwards is just as silly as an object moving a negative distance thru space. Think of this; in geometry, u r always told that equations for volume and distance and what-not do not allow for answers that are negative. This property is true of all spatial manifolds (dimensions). As hard it is to believe, time is also a spatial manifold, thus it cannot allow for negative numbers. Thats the way i see it, anyway. :D
  8. The Falcon

    Combining skies...

    They still let you save and stuff. They are 30-day trials or something.
  9. The Falcon

    Sound of the Big Bang

    WOW!!!! I think ill make that into a techno song......
  10. The Falcon

    Best NES 2D games.

    Snake, Rattle,and Roll was pretty good. (except for the fact i never got past the last level.....)
  11. The Falcon

    What would you like to see in a Deathmatch WAD?

    I've always wanted to see a DM level with Halo-type architecture and gameplay...............
  12. The Falcon

    Favorite Mapper

    lets see..... Chris Lutz Romero Converted Doomer DoomDiz Team TNT
  13. The Falcon

    Best Ending in Movies

    Super troopers.......that party bustin' was off the hook!!!!!
  14. Hello. I am new here to DoomWorld. For years though, I have been inspired by the greats, the true lords of the Doom Empire. Carmack, Romero, Chaos Crew, Team TNT....All have opened my eyes to a world that can only exist on a 3-D graphics engine with the aid of binary space partitioning algorythms. So I join your community now in an effort to seek Harmonic One-ness with the Doom-iverse. Thus I say to you all......



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    2. Lutrov71
    3. PumpkinSmasher


      Welcome to DoomWorld. Glad to have you as a part fo the Doom Community.

    4. Coopersville


      Welcome to Forum Hell.

  15. The Falcon

    Doom Army