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  1. I haven't been feeling particularly "doomy" during the past 3 days (until today) so I totally missed these comments! Ahh! Sorry! No sleep for me yet xD Agreed. E1M3 is the map that only changed in a few details (as in, literally the detailing but also some texture alignments and replacements) and only the area with the yellow key really changed. I think it's the closest to a "90's map", in general. The reason for that is that I was already pretty satisfied with it in 199X. Part of the reason for that is that this is one of the "dream maps" that I put into reality.. meaning maps that I dreamt about and then quickly scribbled down the next morning, while it was still fresh in my mind ^^; It is definitely not an exploration map, like the others.. and because I dreamt the whole progression through it, hardly any of it is optional. The only thing I changed about that is that you only need the red or the blue key to finish the map (where before you needed both) and you don't need the yellow key at all (unless you want to access the secret area). I am sorry to let you down, Omniarch! I believe the others will be more to your liking, though. There is a decent amount of ammo in the map but it's absolutely not just laying around.. a lot of it is in secret (or at least optional) areas.. and at a few times it is scarce on purpose. You can find a Chaingun and a Rocket Launcher in this map but some parts of the map are a bit too tough without at least the Chaingun. So yeah.. I can perfectly understand that you were "unpositively" surprised by it. I'm glad you liked E1M4! Dude.. don't stress yourself. As you can see, I have been away for a few days as well- maybe it's just a "low inspiration phase" right now. No one will throw stuff at you if you take a few more days because you need them! And your output is always worth the wait, from what I've seen / heard. We'll get through this together :D Now I really must go to bed though. Goodnight again!
  2. 1) Here's the updates sector 4 hint: (the GR trigger is only on the broken-looking bits of the STARGR2 texture) 2) The useless invisibility sphere (and its sector) have been removed 3) And here's the updated hinting on how there might be something here: Hint 1: the indented bit on the left, Hint 2: the "edge" on the right Here's a better look at the edge on the right (which is the door you can find to make the last part easier) It's still very subtle.. but! ..I am thinking that the player will be more inclined to check this side if they see that there's that indentation on the other side. I am not updating the URE WAD file / download link yet, I just wanted to post this update. Any thoughts on the "edge" being too subtle? I am this close to just putting some sort of connector-looking thing on the floor to go from the indentation on the left to the door on the right.. but then that might be too obvious? I dunno. It's not a mandatory area to find (it only makes the last section a LOT easier). Also, I realized that a few floor and ceiling flats didn't fit anymore because I had moved the whole last structure a bit in a recent update.. I fixed that, as well ^^; I'll test this some more tomorrow, then I'll update the download link :) Goodnight!
  3. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    Thank you! :3 I aim to make it fun. It's a way for me to keep myself entertained and engaged, to think that it might serve someone else as inspiration or entertainment.. and it's comments like this that give me the power to carry on ^_^ That said, though, I wasn't feeling particularly "doomy" today so aside from jotting down a few ideas, I didn't touch the actual map. Aww.. come on. Go ahead and joke all you want. You know your ideas are in good hands }:D Also, I realized that (even though it looks kind of cool that both wheels are turning and then something connects them) it doesn't really make sense in the "you switch something on and the wheels start turning" context. Also, I think it would make more sense if the "recipient" of the power / drive conversion was an axle and not another cogwheel. But making it look like an axle (going off to the side, horizontally) is turning.. without a vertically scrolling texture to fake the turning.. is impossible. So.. new approach: The second wheel (on the right) will not be turning initially. It'll consist of 2 sectors, the first one having the DOORSTOP texture without animation.. and then when you press the button, a second sector raises that's only very maginally wider and has the animated texture. That way it should hopefully look as though- through the player's interaction- the second wheel started turning as well. Kinda like this: Does that make sense? ^^ This all, again, doesn't really make 100% sense.. because the second wheel will continue to turn, even though it's only meant to imply that this is what turns the turret back into the resting position. But maybe there's a slip-clutch somewhere? xD I might be thinking about this too much ^^; I'll see if I can make it work.. but.. not today. Today is rest day! :)
  4. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    Hey @Dragonfly! Cool to see you here. And thanks for the input, actually! I have to admit I had times when I was wishing / hoping for some custom textures (or even just some DOOM2 textures) but as it stands right now, I am "hell-bent" on making everything vanilla af (as the kids would say..?). Every time I run into a "nope, limits" case, I see it as a reason to rethink / adjust the layout. Oftentimes resulting in overall improvements :) It's not so much that I am shying away from replacing or adding textures altogether (case in point: the sky texture, for vertical tiling reasons) but I want to keep it to an absolute minimum, so I'll try everything else first. It's not 100% ruled out- but maybe ninety-X%. But I'll keep the idea of custom textures / patches a little more in the foreground of my conscious mind- before I reach any point of full despair.
  5. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    "Here today, Doom tomorrow" I'm already going to drop out for today, though. I only fiddled with a few sectors and build that cogwheel outcrop thing from my last post.. but my energy levels are low (I should probably construct additional pylons). More tomorrow! Possibly. ^^;
  6. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    Hey! Remember how I said.. Today I had the idea to better show that there's some actual inner workings "moving around" ..and that you're interacting with them. I give you: Turning wheels! The DOORSTOP things in that hole in the wall "turn". Don't believe me? Check the video! https://streamable.com/xthc2a :D It's an early layout. Also- not shown in this clip- when you interact with the switch (on the right of the screen, in that recess) it doesn't only affect one of the key elements of the actual turret for show.. it also raises another sector between the two cogwheels (but facing away from the player) to hint that the switch caused a connection between those two turning wheels. (It's facing away from the player / obscured from view because the animated texture on it would have to run the other way.. which isn't supported by Vanilla ^^;) I'll show that when there's more to show. Oh! and I know now why that sector wasn't raised in that last screenshot (the "ugly in-between").. I had actually forgot to move one of the sector triggers xD
  7. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    But I wanna play! >_< So I just wanted to check a small section of what I had adjusted in a different part of the map and ended up playing a broad section of the map through.. found a few more bugs.. Apparently when that lift wouldn't lower a few days ago it was not because of a lack of internal height of the sector of the raised lift.. but instead the "too many triggers close together" (even though one was a "W" action and the other an "S", the enging didn't like it). Also a few missing textures (well.. two ^^) and.. this: A very ugly in-between It looks like the trigger to adjust the light level (to brightest adjacent) was too close to another one and didn't fire.. also, the one that raises the "crescent" (to make the turret appear round again and cover the PLAT1 stuff) didn't trigger.. probably for the same reason ^^; There's still a bunch of construction sites.. but that's what I get for my approach of doing several update & edit passes throughout the map instead of focusing on one area until it's done. I kind of go back and forth between those approaches. Sometimes I don't leave an area until I'm done with it (that's what usually happens with new areas) and sometimes I just adjust a few things while I pass it by. I'm pleased with most of the progress. Not so much with the secret machinery area from yesterday though. It doesn't feel like the kind of "inner workings" that I want it to feel like. Also: I keep getting mildly irritated by the "broken" display of some of the textures I'm working with. Mainly the 8 unit Y-axis TEKWALL5 thing. You know.. this: > "In Editor" vs "In Game" I keep forgetting to adjust this by shifting the textures up by 8 units. But I enjoy playing around with this delightfully messy texture way too much xD
  8. Zylinderkatze

    Map The Fourth - There Goes The Neighbourhood (v2)

    Love your (vanilla) texture work!
  9. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    Good morning? I woke up with this stuck in my head so I had to draw it ^^ Well.. "draw" is a very loose term in this context. It felt like it'll be an area that keeps surprising you (when I explored it in my "still half asleep" state this morning). You come in at the top (see "entry") and only see the passage before you and then darkness.. then as you approach the lift you see that the area is open around to the left (from the perspective of still standing up there, looking out) and only once you use the lift you realize it's also open to the other side. Also, then the "?" bit might open, once you're at the ground floor, for even more fun surprises! The size of the dotted square around it is not the actual size.. in fact the whole wall might open.. or perhaps just a window for enemies to shoot through (and vice versa). It's more of an indicator for me, that there's room for.. fun? As I am mulling this over in my head right now, mentioning "darkness": I might add a few trigger lines that gradually switch on more lights in that lower area as you approach the lift. But that's only a thought right now. The main progress direction is through the door (on the right side of the drawing). It'll be a while until this becomes (digital) reality though.
  10. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    Actually, I am kind of slower this year than I was last year xD Maybe I'm getting old? Wait no, that's not possible. I already am old xD However! Here's some shiny new progress from this weekend: This is the "view back" from the room with the switch. This is the view from when you get into the secret area.. ..and the view from inside (when you turn around) There is still a lot to do, doubtlessly. In the "secret area" above, the light is a little too.. uniform. There is some variation but it's mostly light level 175. Also, that secret area is just the inside of the machinery that moves the turret.. so it's another 1-2-secret: You only get in here to "turn" the turret in order to get into the turret which is the actual secret ^^; Unrelated, an older area I am currently "re-lighting" ^^; I'm not 100% sure where to go with that above area. Also, I guess it doesn't make much sense out of context but I wanted to share it anyways xD For comparison, this is what it looked like before: Not exactly the same angle.. sorry ^^; As you can see, I didn't do much to it yet, aside from more of a light gradient.. and I don't know whether I'll even leave it like that (the gradient) because the steps are too even-spaced. It's basically my current construction site so it's subject to change. A lot of change. And I am subject to sleep. Goodnight!
  11. I am not a fan of pushing people, especially when it's something like this: A personal project where no one is getting paid for anything (I hope that doesn't destroy any illusions xD) ..I mean- it's all kind of inconsequential, I suppose? But I also don't want this thing to sit around and collect dust ^^ I've been kind of "in limbo" and slow with updates on this thread as well as the URE2021 one.. but I'm actually working on that one as I write this (or.. well.. I did work on it before I started writing this.. and am planning to get back to it afterwards ^^) ..so maybe being able to focus on one thing at a time will improve my focus. Or maybe I'm just a little lazy right now xD ..but yes, fire up your playthrough engine! I am very curious about your input!
  12. An udate? On this thread? I know it's only been a month since I started this thread but I suppose that actually makes it appropriate, keeping with the "what's one more month" theme.. I am planning to close this thread in 2 weeks from now (mid-March) to finalize everything and prepare it for release. I will still look into the open bugs / suggestions for E1M2 as mentioned before (the ones added to the first post). Are you excited? I am. Well- actually right now I am a little tired. But underneith that I'm excited xD
  13. Zylinderkatze

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    I should change the title to "URE2021 is slowing down again" but that joke might get old ^^; That said, "jokes getting old" is usually my expertise. I thrive when others wince xD Basically, though, I just thought I'd post a "no update" update, to.. well- to update you. This week has been hectic and busy and I had almost no spare time so there isn't much map progress since the last post: I did change the walkway and the windows and it actually looks better now, aside from having less open sightlines. I know how I want to hint at the machinery that turns the turret (it'll be in a sideroom, off to the left from the last screenshot) I found a bug in a secret where a lift wouldn't lower (the "raised lift" height was too low for the item in it) I found another bug where a "trap door" (not a trapdoor) wouldn't open because the sector in front of it had the same tag Little things, nothing to show yet. Sorry! That's your update for today.
  14. People of DOOMWORLD! (hmm.. the doomworld?) PEOPLE OF THE DOOMWORLD! Listen to this deliciousness! This MIDI goodness! If you needed a reason to pick up these maps- or pick them up again- this is it. Check out @Lippeth's auditory gifts and experience their intricate interplay with the levels I provided. You think I'm exaggerating or fluffing this up but seriously his stuff is really, really good. The only reason I'd possibly accept for you to not pick this MIDI pack up right now is, if you want to wait until all songs are done. But look, man.. seriously. What do you have to lose? It's free! Just try a.. uh.. little bit.. ..wait no.. now I sound way too much like a caricature of a drug dealer. Listen. I'm not your mom. I'm not going to tell you what to do. But seriously. Try those tracks. Right now. Sincerely, Your Mom Zylinderkatze