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  1. Trippy wads?

    http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12665 http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12692 If you're looking for trippy, you can't go wrong with Blake Stoner.
  2. Your favorite PC games with midi soundtrack

    Hmm. I'll throw this out there: Cybersphere + OPL3 = aural goodness
  3. What would you like to see in a web browser?

    I'd like a web browser that doesn't suck more than 10mb to display text without any crap going on. I remember when Netscape 4 suddenly got 10x slower than 3 and hardly had any advancements. It's like this slowdown bug was never fixed in any mozilla branch.
  4. for historic/ (Hexen)

    http://leileilol.mancubus.net/doom/lost/hexdemo.zip It's the old October 4 beta demo. Some funduke or funduke clone should upload the zip as-is and make a TXT file to accompany it. I wonder why this isn't on idgames.
  5. Is it possible to... (Heretic source)

    In '94 Jim Dose made a decent DMX clone called ASS (Apogee Sound System), which had more of the same features DMX had and was released under the GPL also (with ROTT and Duke3D sources). It's too bad id never went under the Apogee belt for Doom to use that one heheh ;)
  6. ...recreate Doom v1.2's source with Heretic's old changes against a (Linux)Doom 1.9? Granted no DMX, but heh v1.2 demos playing back and official random pitch shifts. Maybe using Chocolate Doom or even the Heretic DOS source for it.
  7. Random Doom/Duke Nukem 3D Port Comparison

    You must try the Duke Nukem 3D Game.com port.
  8. doom palette in heretic

    It'd be better if the engine was coded to re-translate another palette to the current on the fly on load. I wanted to do this in Quake too.
  9. Gzdoom GL colour Error - what is it and how can I stop it?

    Change texture format to rgba8 and turn off mipmapping. It's corrupting the mipmap somehow and your driver doesn't like it.
  10. Doom-like graphics

    Correctly would mean using Deluxe Paint II in 320x200x256
  11. The real difference is that Doom2 uses AASHITTY and Doom uses AASTINKY. There you have it!
  12. What gamma level do you use?

    I use 1.0, but in the 90s on a dark 15" I had no choice but to use 3 (1.3)
  13. OBLIGE 3.47 Released

    chainsaws - I LOVE IT actually works now, played a decent chainsaw-only episode Liking the different themes too.
  14. Fire main weapons

    He's complaining about the Windows version.
  15. Halo 3 : ODST Launches Tuesday

    Heretic, and even Lethal Tender. Lots of players and vehicles playing online? That innovation goes to Starsiege Tribes. That crappy shooter "XS" from 1996 does draw a lot of similarities with Halo. - Two guns only - Ammo counter on the (sprite!) guns - Off hand throwable grenades - Blocky characters with specular shading - In-game disembodied female hud voice ( a british Cortana that states the obvious in the dullest cyberpunk brit cybgirl way ever) - Blue transparent hud - "Shield" system