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  1. Singe was one of the best modders in Quake modding history in 1997. Too bad he doesn't do Quake stuff today. He also made some Doom levels in 1995.

    However this may reveal more than you want to know about him and spoil your love for him

    1. Goat


      heh ive known about singe because of that link, and is the reason i love him :P

      as a matter of fact thats the only reason i knew of him. didnt know he did quake shit

    2. Sharessa


      My favorite 3d mapper is probably Scary_One, but he only did stuff for Quake 2 and Half-Life, then moved on to some WW2 game that I'll probably never play (that's all he does now AFAIK). His Half-Life DM maps are like the only Half-Life DM maps worth playing.