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  1. Tue Dec 27 06:40:21 PST 2005 Rejected: axelf.zip because txt file does not describe the wad, which is really just a junk music wad anyway but I suppose we're desperate nowadays

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    2. AirRaid


      fraggle said:

      Ty Halderman has run the idgames archive for years, putting in countless hours maintaining what is one of the most important community resources.

      I'd just like to say, in case he's reading this, thanks Ty, for all the work you have put in and continue to put in with your work in the idgames archive. Please don't pay any attention to ungrateful idiots like this one.

      And gargoylol, fuck you.

      I agree Wholeheartedly with this post.

      fraggle said:

      And gargoylol, fuck you.

      This bit doubly so.

      Once again just for giggles -

      fraggle said:

      And gargoylol, fuck you.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      I fuckin hate crazy frog because right before that song came out I made my ringtone the Beverly Hills Cop theme and now everyone thinks it's crazy frog.

    4. Xenaero
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