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  1. when you search for a file in google directly with exact file name and you got it

    then the next day you need it on a different computer then search for it then suddenly there's only one match and it's a broken link like GODDAM THE FILE IS GONE FOREVER?

    I do and I hate this feeling a lot. Sometimes Google sucks so much I have to use something else.

    Post lost files stories.

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    2. scorpion


      My first computer (486 DX/IV) had a 512 MB hard disk and I filled it up rather quickly every time, having to delete some files when I ran out of backup disks or something, I'm sure I lost some files that way, which I wouldn't mind having back again.

      Later moved my drive and installed it into a new computer, often taking the drive out and using it as an old-style USB-stick. Shouldn't have done that, some years later, it didn't work anymore. My first Fasttracker .MODs and XMs, my first Doom level (and Duke3D levels), even my sort-of diary, all lost (short pause for preach about backing up files).

      I still have the drive, but still haven't been able to access the data.

    3. BoldEnglishman


      I made a custom Warcraft 3 level with an entire new race in it and spent days and weeks making sure everything panned out as possible (the race was basically Creeps). It worked pretty well, the units would suck and die quickly but they were cheap, and the Hero was a bit too strong.

      Unfortunately, it is absolutely nowhere to be found now :(

    4. skadoomer


      After the original Generations, (the quake mod) was discontinued, i scrambled to find a copy before they all disappeared off the internet simply to see how awesome the cyberdemon model was. I remember it to be pretty cool (for its time because it would both walk and run), but can't for the life of me find a copy today to relive that level in the mod. bummer.