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  1. It is called Haktoria. Props to ajapted for the cool title.

    in a middle of a menu font alignfest :(

    Also i'm unsure whether to keep the original dull palette (for compatibility with what really? lol) or go for a totally new one that doesn't lack depth and has a hexen feel. Maybe a tool engine feature that remaps all colors in every .mdl skin, .bsp texture and .lmp to a specific palette would be an experiment for such 'compatibility mode'.

    The settings may be the same but i'm going for a different direction than hexen 2:

    - puzzles?!! What puzzles lol
    - monsters will be more numerous and not a boring sparse place
    - player classes crusader, paladin and necromancer won't have visible faces (unsure about assassin and succubus though)
    - hworld, and portals will also be covered
    - new japan or china setting in expansion?

    1. esselfortium


      Cool! Do you have any other resources done yet? I wanna see :P

    2. leileilol


      well, there is that one succubus model and a new palette is being roughdrafted

    3. leileilol