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  1. Oh No Its Kyle

    The Bush Game

    Yes, several.
  2. Oh No Its Kyle

    i just wanna play

    Both have CTF. Skulltag has new weapons, monsters, items, etc. It's a full on mod and it has a new mode called Skulltag simular to capture the flag where you have to steal the other teams skull and return it to a certain point as many times as possible before the time limit runs out.
  3. Oh No Its Kyle

    Doom Books converted to Movie

    They need to get Bruce Willis. He's the only guy I could picture playing Doomguy.
  4. Oh No Its Kyle

    On a Rampage

    Okay, listen you two: I apprechiate your brother/friend. He did something a lot of the people around here couldn't do and made a megawad and he deserves respect for that. But if people don't like the megawad then there is really nothing he can do about it but try to improve upon it. Now while some of their comments about him were a little rude and off the mark, I believe most of what you're saying to these people are about DRE itself. Just because people didn't like DRE is no reason to attack them. Foxxy, tell your brother to get a better webserver. :/
  5. Oh No Its Kyle

    On a Rampage

    I can't give an opinion because the guy who made the damn thing has a shitty webhost. But I have high hopes. :/ I'm probably going to end up crushed now. Off topic: Has anyone else noticed Darknation is always in asshole in his posts?
  6. Oh No Its Kyle

    i just wanna play

    See, this is one of those things though where everyone decides on the same thing without thinking about the other persons options. I remember when everyone wanted a Voodoo card because powerful computers had them. They didn't realise that some games can't RUN Voodoo, thus buying the card fucks them in the long run. Same with ZDaemon. Yeah, you get it, like everyone else, then one of your friends wants to play against you in the latest mod... and it's for Skulltag. Then you miss out. Of course, on the other hand, you don't pay money for programs like Doom Connector, so if you're really cool like me you download them all. :)
  7. Oh No Its Kyle

    i just wanna play

    I would have said Doom Connector because frankly it kicks ass. It works with almost all of the latest Doom ports.
  8. Oh No Its Kyle

    Textures: Vertical Allignment

    Codeimp: I have an idea. Instead of having one option, Verticle Alignment, you should have two. Verticle Alignment Based on Upper Texture and Verticle Alignment Based on Lower Texture. Then it would adjust all of the walls with the same texture that are pegged/unpegged. If there is an unpegged wall in the pegged sectors it can be counted like a different texture just like in Horizontal Alignment. See what I'm saying?
  9. Oh No Its Kyle

    Games You'd Like to See Remade with the DOOM Engine

    You mean Sonic Robo Blast 2? That game was fucking awesome. SRB2 is one of the few Doom TCs that wasn't just some whimp ass Doom clone with new graphics, it was an entire new game.
  10. Oh No Its Kyle

    DOOM Novels

    lol One of the things I liked about the Doom novels was the warped reality with the talking imps. It just made me think of all those horrible fan fictions. :D
  11. Oh No Its Kyle

    Games You'd Like to See Remade with the DOOM Engine

  12. Oh No Its Kyle

    SNES Doom mod

    Just look at his name and avatar, Job, and he doesn't have to explain. -.-
  13. Oh No Its Kyle

    Favourite R-type or R-type clone.

    That too man. That game is awful. (Go Seanbaby!)
  14. Oh No Its Kyle

    CDex error

    Yeah, except you handled your differing opinion like a decent person and a complete son of a bitch. :D
  15. Oh No Its Kyle

    a big glass of doom please

    I've never heard of this Manhattan Project... O.o