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  1. Okay, so I'm told this song Zero Signal by Fear Factory is Reptile's theme from Mortal Kombat. So I download the song. It's true. Then, someone on here tells me that it's not Reptile's theme but I know the song is but I just think I'm stupid and mistaken.

    But no, I was right.

    Juno Reactor's Control is Reptile's theme. But everyone tells me it's Zero Signal. I downloaded Zero Signal and it turns out to be Juno Reactor which is BULLSHIT!

    And the best part? I should have known this. I was wondering how come Juno Reactor's Hotaka sounded so much like Control! >_<

    So, why the hell do people mislabel songs?

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    2. darknation


      omg nine inch nails played the Legend of Zelda rofl

    3. Ralphis


      Gokuma said:

      Whoever relabeled Rabbit Joint's Legend of Zelda song as by System of a Down should be punched. I like SOAD but I dislike the annoyance of arguing with a friend who was bullshitting that there really was a version by SOAD on a bootleg. He was just frusterated that I corrected him in the first place that it was by Rabbit Joint.

      According to the people who made Beats of Rage and use the song on stage 3, that music used in Mortal Kombat is Guardian Angel by Juno Reactor.

      Yes, I've had that argument with about 20 people that it isn't SOAD but they won't believe me no matter what. "Oh, you must be thinking of a different one because this is definitely SOAD!"

      And also, Beats of Rage is great stuff. Speaking of dreamcast, did you happen to take notice in the GBA emulator?

    4. Gokuma


      I haven't checked that out. I messed around with mainly NES and a little bit of Master System emulation. I went to try to an SNES emu but couldn't get it to read a disc of roms. I also tried some other ports and homebrewn stuff. There are some seriously awesome Japanese games that can be played 4 players on Nester DC 7.1.