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  1. Why do you guys hate me? :/

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    2. Amaster


      Unfortunately your IQ fluctuates about 50 points throughout the course of a day, so unless you take them very frequently they dont mean anything. Also my highest IQ score is 156 so you must bow down to me :P

    3. Job


      The concept of idea of the Intelligence Quotient to measure someone's intelligence isn't necessarily very accurate. It only measures someone's potential to learn or be skilled and capable in specific areas.

    4. Liam


      perhaps the problem is that you take a cheap flame as a challenge to your intelligence. you fail to properly comprehend the meaning behind the most simple statements. noone gives a damn about your iq. your iq does not make you likeable, witty, or charismatic. you start a thread to find the source of the contempt of you held by other members, then argue with your biggest detractors and embrace all their criticisms. go to a feckin mensa meeting. find someone who cares about a little number you wear like a badge to compensate for your complete lack of interpersonal skills, even on a feckin' internet forum.

      i haven't done anything about this thread yet because as i figure, you're bringing it all on yourself, asking for it. but now, i think all that needs to be said has been said. now that this blog is closed and you won't be able to fire back at at all the people obliging your request, maybe you'll have time to think a bit about what's been said to you, and maybe you'll learn a thing or two.