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  1. Fuck you.

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    2. GS-1719


      It is quick and has a nice interface, but not much more than that.

    3. Oh No Its Kyle

      Oh No Its Kyle

      You know what, I try to be fucking nice
      I tried to make it FAIR to everyone on here who wanted a Gmail account
      I even put it in Blogs where I felt it would be ignored because if I had put it in Everything Else like I wanted to it would have been Post Helled.
      But you know what?
      It's fucking assholes like you who ruin it for everyone else by giving away the goddamn answers.
      I'm sorry to everyone who actually wanted a gmail account but I'm removing the contest from here. I've already moved it to my Livejournal. Go to hell.

    4. Job


      This thread is closed, unless the author of it PMs me otherwise.