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  1. I remember it raised your health over the max temprarily in quake, but I haven;t noticed it do a goddamn thing in D3. I like how the manual/on-disk manual/official strategy guide(!!) don't mention a single word about it:P

  2. incubusspawn said:

    I know that one believe my I am a harcore Unreal Fan ( but lately the communtiy has been pissing me off it has been all children since atari became the publisher and some of the additions to ut2003 an 4 reflect it )
    I was refering to whatever it was about with liscenses etc...

    Agree. I hate, hate, hate vehicles in fps games! If Raven puts vehicles in Q4, I'm gonna shoot somebody!

  3. DMFDxUconn said:

    P.S. How did you get that secret item on the backside of the bridge tower? Or did you?

    I haven't really been going for secrets yet, sorry. But I did beat the game. I don't want to brush you off, but check out gamefaqs.com
    Enjoy the PK, D3, and soon to be Q4 gaming goodness!!

  4. Amaster said:

    Odd, I never saw enemies attack each other in painkiller.

    Run around more. Get them in each other's crossfire. Once you get 20 fighting each other, it really is a sight to see. In the military base you can actually have ground troops fighting the dudes in the tanks (even though the only way to kill tank guys is a grenade through the hatch)

  5. Yeah. I don't like Act. splash screen anyway. Some in the industry are baddass. One of my favorites was from a game I hated "Revolution". I threw out the game, but the splash screen was very memorable:)

  6. God, Painkiller is awesome for that! Seeing 20 dudes of 3 types go at it and tear each other to pieces is great. I don't know if you guys are PK-haters or not. But personally, I love the game. Almost as much as D3.

  7. Would've been MUCH cooler if it was the "Super Turbo Dopefish Puncher 3" machine! 2 easter eggs in 1.

    Also, a reference to "smashing pumpkins into small pieces of putrid debris". (And not just the idspispopd console thing) Any Doom vets remember that one?

  8. Laguna said:

    I'm not sure of whether this is common knowledge, but it is definitely a "jumbo" easter egg:

    On your way back to administration, go to the first bathroom the black guy came out and look in the toilet on the right. The stall, that is.

    There's a "jumbo" easter egg for you.

    Are you talking about the turd? Cause that's all I found.

  9. Mogul said:

    Hey Daicha, what's the word from Mr. Robert C. Prince?

    No reply yet. I'll let you know. The whole thing was one big whisky&coke fueled quest for useless knowledge:) You know the type. Anyway, I still am interested in the answer. I still would like irrefutable proof of the spawncube sound's usage pre Doom2 from any of those who have claimed to heard it. And obviously a definitive answer for Mr. Prince, if possible. I'll let you guys know if and when he responds.

  10. Here's a quote from that thread:

    this my friends, is called royalty free media. im sure movies even before doom used "doom" sounds, that seeewooompisshhhh sound ive heard in alot of explosions. its just like stock footage.

    I dare anyone to show me an example of the "Spawn cube" sound usage BEFORE Doom 2's release. I doubt anyone can. Other Doom sounds, I grant you, ARE probably stock sounds. But not this one. If I'm wrong, I'd like to know.

  11. I know there's a pretty strong possibility of it being a generic sound archive sound, but as I've absolutely, positively never heard it prior to Doom 2 (which was ages ago), and then hearing it a million times, since right AFTER it's release makes me think they created it. Wonder if I can email the sound guy...

  12. In the last level of Doom 2 when the cubes are flying at you, the sound effect of the cubes: I've heard this same goddamn sound effect in hundreds of games,tvshows, cartoons, commercials and movies ever since! Movies from low budget, to 100 million dollar spectaculars. It's pure cheese, but it rocked in Doom 2. I was just watching Underworld again and that sound was in it. I've realized 5 years ago (when it had only been used 200 times) that I don't recall ever hearing this effect prior to Doom 2. Is id responsible for creating this sound effect? Do these hundreds of things owe props to id software? The bastards.

  13. Well, I'm a single player only kinda guy and since nobody else is, I guess you're right. I was kinda looking forward to giving the hell knight my twin barrels of death in D3. Plus, it's just the feeling of power the db shotgun gives. Rather have that than the machine gun or soul cube.

  14. Hi, is there a place on the net where I can download a picture of a Doom2 texture? The only I'm looking for is the "haunted man" painting on the wall of the library room in Monster Condo. I love this pic. I have Doom95 and would rather download this pic than bother with breaking into the wad file. I've searched everywhere on the net for this pic. Can anyone help me?