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  1. Henning

    Compet-N resurrection?

    Close the old compet-n down as we know it, put a lock on it. It'll only lose its value by bringing it into todays era. Rename it like already suggested. Build a new competition friendly demo format that works with a port of choice. This way we'll have no limitations, and can take the whole thing in the direction we want. This will also bring the game itself more up to par. Making it more interesting for the general public.
  2. Henning

    Compet-n Discussion

    I don't really see where compet-n as we know it should evolve from this point on. The traditional win98\doom2.exe 1.9 combo just isn't doable anymore for most people. Those days are long gone!.
  3. Fire away, for someone to ressort to a computer game to a certain extend of dedication has to have issues. Or not ? ...Interested in your stories here!
  4. Henning

    compet-n incoming demos

    10min ..30min ...300min ..who's counting anyway!. So why not 10min? Kinda agree with Vono!
  5. Henning

    compet-n incoming demos

    Yeah that gotta be exacly my point? At 25 it's unlikely that I would have any other worries in life :) Would sound pretty impressive to say it only took me 10min to take out Vile's 30nm record again wouldn't it :?) Hell ..who can prove me otherwise?.
  6. Henning

    compet-n incoming demos

    Saying ty31 needed 10mins work is total *BS*. Me and Sedlo both worked *hard* to bring this one down. Surly its many years ago but you need tons of luck. Lots and lots of details to *work in*, noone gets it all after 10min.
  7. Henning

    How to convert from NTFS to FAT32 ?

    Hey Vince, long time no see. That sounds like beeing alot of effort. Don't got partition magic around. Mhmm thanks for helping out anyway. Learn something new every day ..huh!
  8. Henning

    Doom2 Episode 1 One Handed

    I can't belive someone actually made this kind of thread :-)
  9. Henning

    Doom\II hardest maps

    For a first timer in doom nowadays, I would think the biggest challange would be to understand how the maps work...it's all diffrent from the heavily scripted solo games in recent years. It's a diffrent *logic* all together :) For that reason ...perhaps 11,13,15 (getting to secret level from here would be impressive) 19, 27,30.
  10. Ok here goes....I'm planning to set up my computer to run a dual boot system with winXP pro and win98SE. However there is this problem I can't seem to get around. Win98SE needs a FAT32 partition, and I've only got NTFS on both harddrives here. How to convert back? winXP dosn't seem to offer any solutions to this. Do I need a smartass program ..or what? Any ideas\help ...would be appriciated! regards *lost doomer*
  11. Henning


    Congrats Vile :) finaly you came around and did this. Gotta say that I'm impressed by this. You put me on 2nd place here with seemingly any trouble ( and you didn't even had the need for sound :p ). Nice rythm all the way thru the whole thing. You certantly got what it takes to bring 30nm running to a whole new dimension. I saw you also had your share off trouble maps, but there will always be some of them sneaking in where you least expect it. I still think this kind of doom playing stands out from any other way of playing the game. I'll study the demo itself more closly when I get the time for it. It'll be interesting to do a comparison. Hell time flies, theres been over 2years since I made mine. gotta rewhatch that one too, don't remember what mine looked like even :) Anyhow, keep the 30nm spirit alive...I'm sure the hardcore spectators in here won't mind some more updates on this kind of runs :-)