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    Title:Castlevania Symphony of the night
    Star Rating:4 out of 5
    Music:Suitable for the game
    Review: Ok so you start off as Richter Belmont on the "Final stage:Bloodlines" which makes no sense. Walking up the stairs hitting candles for hearts and fight dracula in a boss battle. Doesn't matter if you get your life down to 0, Maria(Richter's sister) resurrects you and your now invisible permantly. Kill Dracula and you read through some dialogue about him disappearing 4 years after the incident. Now your in the role of the main characther Alucard(Dracula spelt backwards and Draculas son). This is my favorite Castlevania game and one of favorites for the ps1 which rarely happens. As you go through the game it gets harder and harder which I really like. The level system is really nice and I like the fact you can pick up relics and weapons/armor/jewerly dropped by other monsters. The voice acting is ok and the areas are done very well. If you don't have this for the ps1, $20 is not alot for a 6 year old game. Well go buy it allready, and for those who have it, play it again.

    Title:Tekken 3
    Star Rating:3 out of 5
    Graphics:Could be better
    Music:Nice tracks
    Review: On average fighting game, it can be somewhat cheap. Me and my friend Jordan were playing it together and used Yoshimitsu at a few times, along with Jin and the other characthers. Turns out with Yoshimitsu his spin kick move is a bit cheap and hard to avoid. Jin wasn't much a problem. The characthers all have balances somewhere in there attacks which is ok by me. Fighting game lovers will like this.

    Title:Contra 3
    Year:1992(I think)
    Star Rating:4.5 out of 5
    Graphics:In 94, this was the best.
    Music:Not too bad
    Review:Wave after wave of alien fighting just never gets boring for some reason. The creater of the best known mod Action Doom, Scuba Steve brought Contra to Doom in a whole new way. Contra went a long way from a Nes to Snes and made a incredibly great game. The controls are easy to adjust to, your fighting at every step, and is a good game. It's fun taking a flamethrower powerup(one of the most important things to the game) and doing a frontflip with it onto the bugs that instantly fall from your 1000 degree flame. Theres also a new added feature from the other two contra games which takes you on a top view and move around like it was a map with pins on it. The game is very addicting to not only playing over and over, but also to grabbing in a friend to help you out. I do wish they would of taken the base like levels from the original Contra and put it in but no luck there. The main powerups are: Flame thrower, spread, laser gun, sheild, homing missles, and power missles. Each level comes as a surprise from driving on motorcycles shooting enemies, to holding onto missles trying to blow up the mothership is a very unique and cool feature added to the levels. Well what are you doing still reading this, play it allready you bum!

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    2. Bucket


      Review R-Type III. And Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

    3. Ichor


      Oh yes. I liked both of those games.

    4. Bloodskull


      Don't have those either, I was only 4 when the first few games for the snes came out. However I can preorder CV4 and probably get my hands on it. Why don't you start with fighting games for the snes. Btw I played Mystic Quest and it wasn't that good to me.