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  1. Just went to see the movie, man was it funny.
    *********Spoiler Alert************
    As you know it's the 1970's and the littering law wasn't in affect back then iirc correctly. Well it just so happens that hes driving while eating a burrito. A guy on a motorcycle(Jack Black) is driving on the left side so he's on Ron's side of the window. Ron is eating the burrito and says this burrito is good but I'm stuffed and tosses it out the window not noticing someone was right next to him. You'd have to see the whole scene to see the funnyness in it but I was cracking up
    *********Spoiler Alert************

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    2. Danarchy
    3. Ralphis


      Tasteless, dumb movie.

    4. SYS


      I like scotch.. Scotchy Scotchy Scotch. Will Ferrell's best movie ever was A Night At The Roxbury. Best movie ever period. I don't care what anybody else thinks, to me it's the best movie ever! I can just throw it into the VCR watch and laugh my ass off at the same stupid jokes. Just like Ace Ventura.