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  1. Cause my friend definitly is one.

    bball rulz0315: dont play games online ok
    RedHotBlood15: y?
    bball rulz0315: it will cause virus
    RedHotBlood15: .............what?
    bball rulz0315: yea
    RedHotBlood15: your an idiot
    bball rulz0315: listen alex is a more computer person then u
    bball rulz0315: listen
    RedHotBlood15: Alex is a idiot too
    RedHotBlood15: he doesn't know what he's talking about
    bball rulz0315: shut up LISTEn
    RedHotBlood15: the only way you can get a virus from a game is to download a disguised virus that's labeled a hack or cheat
    RedHotBlood15: like maphack for diablo2 or wallhacks for cs and tfc
    bball rulz0315: we played games over there and they scanned and it was from the game we were playing
    RedHotBlood15: what game was it?
    bball rulz0315: i dont know it was like free arcade and that things and they told us and we havent been playing
    RedHotBlood15: Well no shit you dumbass
    RedHotBlood15: they can put viruses into flash files
    RedHotBlood15: flash files download onto your computer
    RedHotBlood15: once everything is uploaded
    RedHotBlood15: same with shockwave
    bball rulz0315: we also got viruses from diablo2 and stuff as well
    RedHotBlood15: Don't make me walk 10 feet over to your house just to smack you

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    2. darknation


      Bloodskull said:

      RedHotBlood15: your an idiot

    3. NightmareZer0


      Numbermind said:

      [ytmnd]THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN[/ytmnd]

    4. gatewatcher


      Bashe said:

      Slipknot is a type of metal, but I don't think it's heavy metal. Something more extreme.

      No, sorry.