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  1. Before looking at the screenshots, take a look at this Ad I made for a CS server I play in daily running the UWC3 mod.


    Now I decide to post it on the clan's forums to see the responses. I am just shocked.

    The intro:

    The first response:

    The suggestion:

    Uh, Nah that's ok:

    OMG U R 1337Z0RS:

    All out of taking a simple screenshot from de_train, overlapping it with the Descent font with a nice glow to it, all translucent(which DD_133 is recieving credit for making it translucent for me and providing me with the font, everything else I had done) I'm allready being noticed in the server, and being offered a clan spot. That's just really sad seeing as how anyone could of done this in 5 minutes and made it alot better then I had.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Bloodskull said:

      I must also add that some 12 year old kept singing I can see clearly now on his mic which was literally annoying until I muted him, in which my ears were starting to bleed.

      Bwahahaha haha haha (sniff) fucking classic

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Bloodskull said:

      Well the CS Stereotype has gone out of hand really. Not every single person who plays CS accuses someone of hacking, doesn't have a social life, doesn't go outside, doesn't have a girlfriend, and just sits on the comp all day typing in Leet language.

      Bloodskull said:

      Yeah after going to a different server then the [Ass->] Clan community server in which I'm an Ass member now, I realized how fucking dumb these players are.

      Warden: Fucking Wallhackers!
      Warden: Keep Nade spawning me!
      Me: Look dude, nobody's wallhacking
      Me: You just suck
      Warden: Eat shit nigger!

      Right after this the server just got out of hand

      Randomguyonserver: Why don't you come over here and lick my balls softie!

      About 5 seconds later

      Should Warden be kicked for: Racism

      Shortly after this vote popped up he was kicked and everyone kept saying l0L! That's when I realized my server is really the only intelligent server I've been to.

      I must also add that some 12 year old kept singing I can see clearly now on his mic which was literally annoying until I muted him, in which my ears were starting to bleed.

      Hahahaha. It's only a matter of time before it really shines through. :D

    4. Bucket


      Heh, I've done that before. I put the mic up to my guitar amp and did the DJ thing. The other day someone left their mic on and was blasting Evanescence. God, that was a nightmare-- if you think it sounded bad at CD QUALITY...

      I figure: if I can get banned from a n00b-filled server just because FF is on and two morons walk on a tripmine I set, then it really doesn't matter. From now on, I make permabans worth the effort.