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  1. Starting 7:25 this morning, I will be embracing my 2 exams today in which I take my Computer class exam, and my intensive reading exam. My computer class exam is so easy, i'll be done with it in 30 minutes tops. After that we still have another 2 hours and 30 minutes left in class or something like that which is pretty boring.
    My Solution is very simple: Because the school doesn't allow ftp downloads, I need people to post in this thread only personal links to some of your favorite wads that can be run by Skulltag/Zdoom and doesn't need a very fast machine to run off of. I have Skulltag and Zdoom allready installed on my school computer and need a couple of wads to play during class until the time period is over. Call me a slacker if you want but just ask yourself this, what would you do in my shoes after finishing the exam?
    The school computers are on a cable connection so I can handle large filesizes. I have winzip installed on the school computer already so that won't be a problem either. Gotta go to bed so I won't be too tired during the exam. Peace!

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    2. Xenaero


      gatewatcher said:

      Then what is the point of anything you just asked?

    3. Bucket


      The point was to humor him-- which, I might add, you all inadvertently did.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      If I played Doom on a school computer, I'd probably be expelled.