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  1. Aight so were partying at my house right now and my friend Ryan decided to ask me for some of my Dust Away cans. I gave him one and he starts inhalling a large quanity of the air from it and starts talking slow and deep. Next thing you know, he's laughing like a maniac, see's colors, and is numb. His eyes look bloodshot but damn this is funny, especially his craving for more. Ah man this is great!

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    2. Darkhaven


      omg pwnage

      Also speaking of dumb catchphrases:


      I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say, "It was funnier the first time Doomboy did it".

    3. Csonicgo


      so, you are the reason I have to SHOW FUCKING ID TO BUY CANNED AIR.

    4. Liam


      since i notice, bloodskull, that you and dumb ass had tried to put out the flames with the "it's my blog" defense, let me remind you of a couple of things.

      while you may choose to blog about how funny you think it is to let your friend damage his brain with your household, solvents, those who read it are in turn allowed to call you out for being irresponsible and plain stupid. them's the breaks. if a friend tried to get high off my canned air, i would tell them to leave.

      it does not surprise me that someone with such a glorious posting record as melfice (who has returned despite his drama-queen rantings under the nick xenphire, although a look at his posting history shows he makes no efforts of hiding that fact) started the uproar. i maintain my opposition to replies the caliber of "you are a fucking moron" because I believe that their perpetuated existence speaks poorly of the regulars and staff. this is where i stand, but i will run out of sympathy eventually if you continue this trend of making piss-poor posts, and pretending that you are immune to criticism because dwblogs are not an intended extension of the dwf.

      i am locking this as opposed to helling it, as i may or may not have a utilitarian use for it in mind.