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  1. MikeyScoots

    Doom Raider 2020

    Some pretty cool stuff going on here. The part where the ghosts rush out at you, metal. That part where you fight the hyper-archvile? Even more metal. The part where your running from the boulder after all the spooky rune shit happening. METAL, AF.
  2. MikeyScoots

    [WIP] Unfamiliar Episode 2: Frontier of Death

    So you're going more along the KDIZD route? This looks pretty cool
  3. MikeyScoots

    Doom II Updated

    50% chance you did us a favor, 50% chance you didn't. That's life I guess.
  4. More specifically like an auto shotgun, grenade launchers, reloadable pistols etc.
  5. MikeyScoots

    Sapphire | Remaster | v2.0 released

    I have too many questions about some of the features, but this was very well done. Once again Torm raises the standards.
  6. MikeyScoots

    Sapphire | Remaster | v2.0 released

    So...how do I kill the demolisher?
  7. MikeyScoots

    Sapphire | Remaster | v2.0 released

    Gonna check this out right meow.
  8. MikeyScoots

    I want to make a map, but, where i need to start?

    What elend said, and I would also suggest checking out chubzdoomer and lazydoomer on youtube if you want to learn some more advanced features for zdoom/gzdoom.
  9. MikeyScoots

    Spinning Ceiling Fans - Gzdoom

    Hey guys, I've seen several wads like RTC-3057, KDIZD and Valhalla that have spinning ceiling fans. Just wondering how to emulate this? Not sure if it's a middle texture that moves via script or polyobject? I've even read about inserting animated objects, but have 0 experience with blender. What's the best route here?
  10. MikeyScoots

    Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP! (New Build on Page 11!!)

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NpVUAfYrg7ekdZc-gzBWi6WmtIVRV5_b/view?usp=sharing Level 13 up.
  11. MikeyScoots

    Hell revealed 3???

    I always wanted to see Alien Vendetta 2 and Hell Revealed 3. I know the original authors are probably not even active anymore, Idk why we can't make it a community project in spirit and shoot off pm's/emails for permission. If not, just call it Hell Revealed: Beyond Hell
  12. MikeyScoots

    Sapphire | Remaster | v2.0 released

    Whered you get the translucent light beam mid textures? Asking for a friend.
  13. MikeyScoots

    Looking for people to playtest my maps with

    Slade is the new XWE.
  14. MikeyScoots

    Tencent buys System Shock 3 rights

    Not sure how I feel about this. Its kinda like when Bethesda bought the Fallout franchise. Fallout 3 & 4 cool, 76 not so cool. Let's see what happens, and if SS3 sucks we boycott the game nuff said.
  15. MikeyScoots

    Re-Doom2 (A Doom2 reimagined WIP)

    You should check out Hell Unleashed's post.
  16. MikeyScoots

    The Force Engine (Jedi Engine Port/Replacement)

    Well, if its anything like Doom Builder that would be the best option, which I already see a 3D mode. Ive been trying to find a level editor for the Jedi engine for years and could never get anything to run on a modern. I'd love to test it out and give suggestions for sure. If Im not mistaken didnt the Jedi engine have some 3D floor features but you couldn't see the floor you were going under at the same time or something? Definitely integrate a way to show the 3d floors and warnings would be great.
  17. MikeyScoots

    The Force Engine (Jedi Engine Port/Replacement)

    Lucius I have no coding knowledge whatsoever besides ACS and basic C++ commands, and I've been doing 2-D level editing for many years. Im not sure how I can help out with this, but I am very very interested in doing so.
  18. MikeyScoots

    The Bloodletting - COMPLETE

    The BloodLetting is a limit-removing Doom 2 brick/hell map where the player fights both above and underground at a demonic outpost. Expect a challenge, non-linear gameplay and nothing but good 'ol stock Doom 2 goodness. Get it here NOW: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AopDLIyjrk67GpJLVBTAl2BvtlR4IS2H/view?usp=sharing Screenshots:
  19. MikeyScoots

    Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP! (New Build on Page 11!!)

    I think someone mentioned mine might cause visplanes and Im super busy with Hell Unleashed now. You have free reign to remove whats needed. Im pretty sure he said it was this area specifically, which Im really bummed out cause I tried NOT to go overboard.
  20. MikeyScoots

    The Bloodletting - COMPLETE

    Fixed it for you. Limit removing Doom 2 map.
  21. MikeyScoots

    The Bloodletting - COMPLETE

    Im 100% sure if you ran this on the. Exe itself youd get visplane overflow around the map.
  22. MikeyScoots

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    How rude of a guy smh
  23. MikeyScoots

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Are you making us an offer we can't refuse?
  24. MikeyScoots

    Doom II - Hell Unleashed (Doom 2 Remake WIP)

    New screens, video and more are up.
  25. Episode I Progress: =============== Map 01 - N/A MAP 02 - 15% Complete Map 03 - 85% Complete Map 04 - 25% Complete Map 05 - N/A Map 06 - N/A Map 07 - N/A =============== Hell Unleashed is a Gzdoom remake of Doom 2 that sets to remake all levels, add additional monster varients(over 25+), a brand spanking new soundtrack, weapon and AI behavior, cut-scenes and more. CURRENTLY SEEKING: Gzdoom Mappers Texture/Sprite Artists Musicians Coders Follow on Facebook! Hell Unleashed - Facebook (This guy might think we're cool, or something.) Discord: https://discord.gg/XMRKnup Video Footage in action: (Using Bdlite for example purposes, all custom enemies are from Realm667. Textures by Otex/Ukiro)