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  1. Yesterday I just got to get a new cat, which is a 9 week old bengal. Here's what she looks like.

    When she first came to the house with her sister, i got to pick out of the two.

    Apparently my other bengal cat doesn't like her.

    She's very scared as you can see.

    She even likes to climb around my computer

    Look at that cute face awwwwww!

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    2. MaximusNukeage


      Combustable said:
      [Bhidden furry pr0n

      those things are abominations!

      how ever the cats are superlative

    3. Grazza


      Bloodskull said:

      Actually that's one of my moms drinks. She was actually looking at me while I was holding her sister.

      What, you were holding your mom's sister???

      (no need to respond to that)

    4. cyber-menace


      Bad grammar overload... Error... ERROR!!! *explodes*

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