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  1. Pure bullshit and nothing more. We had to do a review for a test were taking tomorrow and this has got to be the biggest bullshit i've heard in years.

    I got alot of questions wrong which are damn straight correct.

    Which is capable of having more storage capacity?
    A.Floppy disk
    B.Hard Drive

    I put down B, guess what:It's D. Are you kidding me? Heres another one

    You can remove a hard drive from the computer
    T or F?

    True, wrong again: Your most likely not going to remove it. WTF?!

    The average Hard drive is 4-17gb. Uhm, this is 2004, not 1997.

    I have to take this god damn keyboarding class thats full of lies just so I can go into Web design I and then Flash animation I. Comments?

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    2. MikeyScoots


      Did he ever get fired?

    3. Sharessa


      Not as far as I know. Apparently he's like the only one in the school distric who knows anything about computers.

    4. insertwackynamehere


      Wanna learn hardware? Get a nice big A+ cram guide. I got so into mine I finished in 3 days. I read an entire freaking textbook/manual in 3 days I liked it so much!