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  1. I just ordered some old genesis games: Sonic and Knuckles, and Spider man for the genesis. Got em both for 14 bucks, and I must say they are in excellent condition. Barely any damage to the cartridge, no cuts on the cover or anything, barely any dust, plays great. Now I've just got like 3 or 4 games to go before my genesis collection is finally complete.

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    2. Ralphis


      DOOM Anomaly said:

      Hey Ralphis, I'm coming over tomorrow. :D

      Oh, and EB rules. :D

      Where can I pick you up

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Ralphis said:

      Where can I pick you up

      From the back of my knees and back. :D

    4. Sharessa


      Ralphis wins cause he has the Mutant League games.