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  1. Gotcha!

    Those are actually my three cats Sambo(Black), Leo, and Ariel.

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    2. Use


      I have two deaf cats, one is 13 and the other is 4 or so now. Their names are Tim and Loom. Actually I give them new nicknames often, as it really doesn't matter what I call them.

    3. SYS


      I had three kitties, one was really old and died. So I have two. Ones extremely disgustingly cute.

    4. DooMBoy


      Back around '91 or '92, I used to have a gray tabby cat, I think her name was Mouser, so called because she was really good at catching mice. She was also good at having kittens, meowing, and generally being a very sweet tempered, friendly, and altogether nice little kitty. That damn cat must have had around 4 litters of kittens in just three years.

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