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  1. It's official, I hate my life. I have no girlfriend, I'm not happy, I'm a laughing stock to half of my 10th grade class who've known me since 5th and 8th grade. Depression is rising, and I have no idea what to fucking do.

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    2. SYS


      Scuba Steve said:

      6:24 on Gabby Jay.

      Screw you! I can't break the 8 second barrier!

    3. Ultraviolet


      Job: Does that no flaming rule apply to only Bloodskull? Can we flame Melfice in this thread?

      Bloodskull: 10th grade will be complete small shit to you in a couple of years. Wait it out. You'll probably realize you are a completely different person than you though you were once you get out of high school anyway. (That's a good thing. Getting to know yourself means progress.)

      Hmm, the only thing talking gaming to girls ever did for me was to provide something to talk about with one friend of mine. We were both in this huge pissing contest together about who had more geek-cred. She won in familiarity with comics by a wide margin, and I won with the computer shit and actually owning a piece of clothing made out of PVC.

    4. deathbringer


      School means absolutley DICK!, sure you learned how to read and write, but once you get out you will realise how all the popular retards where just, well, retarded, and you'll start to get into total disbelief at the petty bullshit they actually cared about, and get on with your life (dont forget, if one of them contacts you years later through friendsreunited or something, just go like "Who?" when they mention thier name, even if you do remember them.)