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  1. My dad brought me home two early birthday gifts(my only birthday gifts by my parents so don't call me a greedy little shit)which would be: Half-Life 2, and a brand new 19 inch samsung monitor(SyncMaster997DF) which supports all resolutions up to 2048X1536! I didn't really want or in this case need a 19 inch monitor, seeing as how I only asked for a 17 inch monitor. Let me just say this takes gaming to a new level. This monitor is almost bigger then my Toshiba TV, and blew me away the minute I started playing with it. This rules!

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    2. Ninja_of_DooM


      I got an 18" flatscreen goping at 1152x864. I'd use a higher resolution but the screen looks worse then. I dunno, any worthwhile going up a notch on the res?

    3. Job


      Heh, my brother has a 21" flatscreen hi-def monitor. I'll get some vicarious pleasure out of that, even though I've only got a 17" flat myself. Anything to knock you down a peg.

    4. Sharessa


      Why the Hell would you need a 19" moniter anyway? Unless you sit liek 4 feet away from the screen for some reason...