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  1. Night-Fang

    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #42 - Vile Flesh

    This news post couldn't be more back handed. Completely unprofessional.
  2. Yeah, I must admit not even I was surprised to see the news. However, be that as it may, the multiplayer DOOM community must do what is in their best interests. That's what really matters.
  3. Night-Fang

    10 Years of Doom(world)

    Wow, 10 years? Has it really been that long? I really have to hand it to Doomworld. Without its dedication to the game we all remember and love, where would the community be? I would submit no-where near as strong as it is today! Here is to another 10 years strong! Keep it going! PS. Thrust now has 4 shades of colored lighting. plz 2 post dat k thx
  4. Night-Fang

    Zdaemon Wallhack/Maphack

    yeah, that screenshot looks like shockwav!
  5. Night-Fang

    ZDoomGL + ZDaemon

    Oh yeah, another note timmie. The ZDaemon servers are still running on the 1.23 code from ZDoom. Only the client was changed. I hardly see the need to update to the newest ZDoom since all I require is the gameplay (no graphics) for the server.
  6. Night-Fang

    ZDoomGL + ZDaemon

    Hmm...funny you had a little display issues. ZDaemonGL is based off of your latest ZDoomGL release 0.74
  7. Night-Fang

    0.75 to be delayed

    I don't care. I think we all just want our dynamic lights.
  8. Night-Fang

    ZDoomGL + ZDaemon

    Ack, the zip file I posted had a crc error. That domain seems to love to corrupt zip files. Anyhow, I've reuploaded to the old site (should work now) Also, a mirror on another site which can be reached below. http://www.havredegracehighschool.com/files/ZDaemonGL-104_bin.zip Although I'm waiting for the guys in #zdaemon (on freenode) to go over it and make sure no bugs formed from the transision. If all goes okay (as I expect it to) then I'll upload the full source and I would be honored if you hosted it timmie.
  9. Night-Fang

    ZDoomGL + ZDaemon

    Oh not long at all. It took me about a day to convert the entire project over. Any changes you make to ZDoomGL could be added to ZDaemon in a matter of hours, or even minutes. I knew that commenting every single change I made to ZDoom with "// [NightFang]" would come in handy one day. =)
  10. Night-Fang

    ZDoomGL + ZDaemon

    Yes, I just ripped all of the network code from the 1.23 port and merged it with ZDoom 2.0 and Timmie's code. Went alot easier than expected.
  11. Night-Fang

    ZDoomGL + ZDaemon

    For those who are into ZDoomGL (like I am) and for those who are into ZDaemon, I've made a little hybrid of the two. Behold, ZDaemonGL That's a quick test to see how well the two work with each other. So far, the results are good. But, see that for yourself. ZDaemonGL will be updated whenever a new version of ZDoomGL is released. Go Timmie!
  12. Night-Fang

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    "Hey, I'm Happy Time Harry. Got a problem with that? Cause if you do, we'll go *right* now."
  13. Night-Fang

    ZDaemon Contest

    Yup. 100% correct. However, we aren't modifiying doom1.wad. This is mearly a 1 level addon that is seperate from doom1.wad
  14. Night-Fang

    ZDaemon Contest

    Think of it this way. We're questioning whether or not we think having the "no -file" parameter is legal or not. You guys who say that id software did this to prevent addons and encourage them to buy the retail version are 100% correct. I coulden't agree with you more. Keep in mind this, the -file param. was taken out to encourage you to buy the full version. With any other source port running shareware: Darn..I can't play any addon without the full version. But wait a minute... How about if I just download freedoom and run my addon that way? Either way I don't have to pay for the full version. =) Freedoom is just another way of removing the -file restriction, only it will work for *any* port. See what I mean? No copyrighted material is being distributed out. These addons for the shareware have to be orginal work and they have to use all the graphics that came with Doom1.wad. So nothing from the retail product is going into our free offerings. Problems? I didn't think so. =)
  15. Night-Fang

    ZDaemon Contest

    Please, someone explain to my why this isn't legal. If memory serves, this is the whole reason why the source code was released. If something like removing yet amother limitation is illegal then I doubt that Carmack would have even released the source code. Please, if you can find something in the GPL or in Carmacks notes that state that something in this nature is illegal, I'm sure willing to read it.