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  1. Tyson sounds like some Vidmaster Challenge type shit lmao
  2. Personally I don't mind. I think the power to use textures in any way you want, esp liquids, is good. I mean how else are you going to have a murky pool of water if the only water texture is pure blue? You gotta use the slime liquid textures to get the idea across.
  3. wuunds

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    It's a Rubicon X kind of day.
  4. A nice bit of slaughter to wake you up in the morning... I've never been too good at reviews but I really did enjoy this WAD! I was never too big on slaughtermaps but these were very fun to run around in (and also die a lot in). This wad also did make me realize the power small maps can have, you don't need something too big and grand for it to be fun and I felt a bit of inspiration fly around in my head while I was getting ripped limb from limb in MAP06. Some screenshots I took while playing: Simply a wonderful WAD, I had a ton of fun playing it. Sorry for the mistake earlier though, honestly I need to stop assuming all WADs are made using the DOOM II IWAD.
  5. Fucking OOPS. I did not, my bad.
  6. First map has a lot of missing textures for me.
  7. wuunds

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I know nothing of it still after years of hearing about it. I never cared much to even try to use it (I think I joined it when I was in middle school but I never understood the appeal) and the idea of it being banned has been brought up by multiple governments has always been a little funny, but it always did concern me how much of it halts attention spans in young minds. I'm really in no position to be a higher person because YouTube might as well had been my TikTok when I was super young but it still does concern me anyway.
  8. wuunds

    Favorite level theme?

    What I mean by this is like aesthetics in a level, a theme around it. Off of the top of my head I can think of examples like Techbases, Hell, Congo (like Plutonia, I don't know if Plutonia has named theme), City, etc, etc. I personally really like the Congo theme. I've played so many Techbases and Hell levels that seeing a level centered around Plutonia's textures and architecture just rules. What's your favorite?
  9. So I weirdly figured it out? After hours of trying things I decided to just remove "0, 0, -8, 0" from the Primary Fire's A_FireProjectile and it suddenly worked like normal. It now uses ammo correctly, the only problem now is that the nails only spawn in a straight line (sort of like Quake's Super Nailgun). I decided to look at some other code to see if I could get a solution on how to get the projectiles to spawn in different places and after a little bit of testing it seems that setting A_FireProjectile to be ("NailProjectile", 0, 1, -6); works. There's one thing I don't understand and it's if I set it to be ("NailProjectile", 0, 0, -6); then it won't use any ammo at all but it will still launch the projectiles in the correct spots, but using ("NailProjectile", 0, 1, -6); fixes the ammo issue and it spawns the projectiles in the correct spot as well.
  10. I'm pretty new to ZScript so maybe I'm missing something here but for some reason my weapon refuses to use ammo when I use the primary fire resulting in being able to fire the weapon infinitely BUT using the alt fire on the weapon DOES remove ammo. I don't understand why it does this at all, it wasn't doing this hours ago and I've tried everything I could possibly do, even looking at other weapon code from other mods to see if I did anything wrong but I haven't noticed any mistakes. Any help with this? Here's the code for the weapon. class Nailgun : Weapon { Default { Tag "Nailgun"; Weapon.AmmoGive 25; Weapon.AmmoType "Nail"; Weapon.AmmoType2 "Nail"; Weapon.AmmoUse 1; Weapon.AmmoUse2 5; Weapon.MinSelectionAmmo2 5; Weapon.SlotNumber 4; Weapon.KickBack 40; Inventory.PickupSound "misc/w_pkup"; Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the Nailgun!"; Obituary "%o was nailed by %k."; } States { Spawn: NLPU A -1; Stop; Ready: NLMG A 1 A_WeaponReady; Loop; Select: NLMG A 1 A_Raise; Loop; Deselect: NLMG A 1 A_Lower; Loop; Fire: NLMG B 0 A_StartSound("weapons/nailgun/nailmgfire", CHAN_WEAPON); NLMG B 2 A_FireProjectile("NailProjectile", 0, 0, -8, 0); NLMG B 0 Bright A_Light2; NLMG C 1; NLMG A 1; NLMG D 0 A_StartSound("weapons/nailgun/nailmgfire", CHAN_WEAPON); NLMG D 2 A_FireProjectile("NailProjectile", 0, 0, 8, 0); NLMG D 0 Bright A_Light2; NLMG E 1; NLMG A 1; NLMG E 0 A_Light0; NLMG E 0 A_ReFire; Goto Ready; AltFire: NLMG A 0 A_StartSound("weapons/nailgun/nailsgfire", CHAN_WEAPON); NLSG A 0 A_FireProjectile("NailProjectile", -4, 0, 0, 8); NLSG A 0 A_FireProjectile("NailProjectile", 4, 0, 0, 8); NLSG A 0 A_FireProjectile("NailProjectile", -4, 0, 0, -8); NLSG A 0 A_FireProjectile("NailProjectile", 4, 0, 0, -8); NLSG A 2 A_FireProjectile("NailProjectile", 0, 1, 0, 0); NLSG B 2 Bright A_Light2; NLMG A 2 A_Light1; NLMG A 25 A_Light0; Goto Ready; } }
  11. This game looks like something a modern adult cartoon would come up to parody Cuphead in a one off gag.
  12. wuunds

    When did you meet Doom?

    I think it might have been in 6th grade (2015 or 2016 maybe?) when I met DOOM on my rented school laptop. Particularly it was a version of DOOM that was made in Flash, it ran pretty well but had some issues like no mouse look (keyboard only), no music, and it was only the shareware episode. That didn't stop me from playing the hell out of it though. I got around to playing the rest of DOOM in the coming months... through a GBA emulator. My experience of DOOM stayed like that until I finally got a laptop of my own in 2020 and got to experience DOOM the way I wanted to years ago.
  13. wuunds

    How often do you take a break from Doom

    It's weird, I never really considered my breaks from DOOM until now. A lot of my breaks are based on when I want to create things for DOOM. I have this issue where I tend to jump from game to game and try to make things for those games but I usually end up never doing it because I have a lot of perfectionism problems and some other stuff I won't get into. Before I released my first ever WAD I remember making stuff for Source Engine games and it was fun until I felt like it wasn't enough for what I wanted to do, so I learned how to make stuff for Quake and that was also fun but I ended up with the same problem again like before, so I learned how to make stuff for DOOM and I ended up actually finishing something I was making! I had planned on doing more WADs at the time but I sudden burn out hit me and I didn't touch any mapping tools for a bit. I think the rest of 2021 and early 2022 was a serious creative draught for me, I had ideas but I never decided to go forth and finish them. If I remember correctly I did start working on The Necrose Chambers during the Spring of '22 but I stopped working on because of a lack of direction and ideas. I only happened to finish it because the motivation to keep making things after I finished Between The Fissure and I rode off into that high of finally being able to finish something I wanted to make for a long while until my motivation killed so suddenly when I was still working on Nine 2 Five. I felt devastated by it since it was the first I had ever learned how to do DEHACKED stuff and I thought I keep going but I just couldn't. It's ending is rushed because I didn't want to think about working on it anymore. After I released it I just kinda stopped playing DOOM. I would still play it to play a new WAD or two but I usually wouldn't play for long. I started working on stuff for Quake again but the urge to go back to DOOM again is creeping up. I really got to fix this problem because I do really love this game and I want to make more things but... ehhhh. Edit: I guess I should mention that I updated my first WAD in late June in a act of trying to get back to making things. It didn't work out lol
  14. wuunds

    I made a small doom ii wad

    please keep making maps, i believe that your skill will grow over time. i simply believe in you.
  15. wuunds

    How Do You Name Your Game Saves?

    I usually have it set up to be organized. The first part refers to the WAD file name, the second part is the episode/map slot, and last part is what save it is. Example: DOOM2-MAP1-S1 or DOOM-E2M3-S3