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  1. patte

    How to make ZDoom levels?

    So I've been making regular Doom 2 maps with DoomBuilder for a while (haven't released anything though, they're crap) and now I'd like to try making levels for ZDoom, with the slopes and all. I'm probably an idiot but I can't figure out how to set up DoomBuilder properly. When I load that slopes.wad from ZDoom tutorials page as ZDoom (Doom in Doom format) it's screwed up, lines are missing etc. When I load it in Doom in Hexen format, it works ok and the line properties dialog window is different also, but the textures are (obviously) missing. I don't have Hexen. How do I make it so that I can make Doom levels in ZDoom format? Thanks already.
  2. patte

    Doomers by Location

    -Earth --Europe ---Finland ----Kuopio -----patte
  3. patte

    Favorite fighting game(s)

    Guilty Gear XX #Reload
  4. patte

    What's your favorite sport?

    Even cooler, I'll be in Italy when the final match is played, and I suppose they don't show that match on TV in Italy... :(
  5. patte

    What's your favorite sport?

    Ice hockey. Finland in the final match of the World Cup of Hockey 2004, yay!
  6. patte

    point of origin - where do you live?

    Kuopio, Finland. Terrain: flat as a pancake, a whole lotta forests. Population: 89,000 or so. Climate: Cold in the winter, not so cold in the summer (but even then not very hot). That's about it. Not much to tell about this place, but if you're a ice hockey fan like myself, you might recognize these names: Olli Jokinen, Kimmo Timonen, Sami Kapanen. They're all from here.
  7. patte

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    I didn't notice this one posted, so: http://uploader.stonedonkey.com/uploads/shot00003.jpg coincidence or a twisted joke from the authors? :)
  8. patte

    Anyone get a Pewter Mancubus with Doom 3?

    You got some sort of Doom monster-figures with your copies of Doom 3 in the U.S.? Was the figure inside the game package or something? I just came back from the store, and I got nothing but a DVD case with 3 cd's and a manual. Damnit, Europe sucks.
  9. patte

    The British Zombies are coming!

    I like British comedy a lot better than American. Seinfeld was great though, as were a few other American shows. But there's no show like The Fast Show. Bono estente.
  10. patte

    How to move/rename map?

    So here's my problem: I made a little map with Doom Builder, and made it MAP01. Now, I want to make it MAP02, and make another map as MAP01. Just how in the hell do I move/rename MAP01 so that it would be MAP02?